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Advertising webinar by Freeths Solicitors for AI for Ad Campaigns - Implications for Intellectual Property
AI for Ad Campaigns - Implications for Intellectual Property
Generative AI is a revolutionary tool, a disruptive technology impacting the way we create and consume media. In the advertising space, tech giants have been increasing capability in their generative AI products, making it easy to utilise AI in advertising campaigns from consumer reach to content creation. But as AI advances at an unprecedented pace, it is raising profound questions about intellectual property (IP) protection. But it isn’t just advertisers. Anyone using an AI tool to create content needs to be aware of the associated IP risks. Is the generated content original or can it infringe third party IP? What happens if it does? Who gets sued? What is clear is that now use of generative AI tools is so widespread, any business or individual is at risk of having their IP infringed. We will discuss common pitfalls and dangers, as well as the good practice to ensure compliant ad campaigns. In this webinar we will cover: · Generative AI – What is it, how is it used in the A&M sector. · The challenges of establishing IP ownership in AI-generated content. · Losing your brand’s original voice and its human touch · Misleading or deceptive advertisements · Plagiarism and IP infringement · Case examples of Legal disputes · UK Legislation · Mitigating Risk, having a protection strategy in place · Audience Targeting – delivery of your ads to the right audience at the right time · Getting data from an un/reliable source · Bias in AI algorithms
6/12/2024 9:00 AM
Marketing webinar by Klaviyo for [Ask the Experts] The Ultimate Ecommerce Retention Playbook
[Ask the Experts] The Ultimate Ecommerce Retention Playbook
Join 5 ecommerce industry experts for a panel discussion and live Q&A on retention marketing that inspire you to rethink your own strategy.You’ve heard it before: acquisition is getting more expensive, so focus on retention. That's easier said than done. What makes for a successful retention strategy? How do I retain customers with a long purchase cycle? How do I know which retention strategy is right for my brand? Do I need new or different tools for retention marketing?If you’ve asked yourself these questions, or if you’re simply wondering how to take your marketing to the next level, you won’t want to miss this event! Join industry experts from Klevu, Mention Me, and Klaviyo, as they explore customer retention strategies that go beyond the classic loyalty program. Our panelists will share tips, tricks, and best practices observed from the hundreds of successful brands they have worked with. You will walk away with the ultimate ecommerce retention playbook that will help you shape and rethink your own retention strategy.Meet the panelists: Rachel Tonner, Vice President of Marketing at Klevu: With over 10 years of experience in the ecommerce and retail space, Rachel has seen countless marketing trends come and go. Now with Klevu, she helps brands such as Paul Smith and Laura Mercier win hearts and minds by bringing the familiar “personal shopper” experience online.Jocelyn Toonders, Head of Partnerships at MentionMe: Jocelyn has a wealth of experience advising brands both at agencies and through her own consulting practice. Now at MentionMe, she helps brands such as Puma and Pret a Manger think advocacy first by turning referral into a strategic acquisition and retention channel.Rob Boland, Lead Solutions Architect at Klaviyo: A real tech geek, Rob enjoys crafting outside-the-box solutions to challenging problems using technology. He's an expert at making the different parts of the tech stack work together to unlock creative use cases and drive business growth for brands.Fareed Albahra, Principal Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Klaviyo: As a Principal CSM, Fareed works with Klaviyo’s biggest customers across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He’s advised some of the most well-known brands on their retention strategy, navigating the intersection between technology and customer experience.
by Klaviyo
5/21/2024 3:00 PM
Marketing webinar by Silicon UK for Harnessing AI-Driven Automation in Marketing: Real Time Insights, Personalized Content, Better Campaigns - Silicon UK
Harnessing AI-Driven Automation in Marketing: Real Time Insights, Personalized Content, Better Campaigns - Silicon UK
Amidst a transformative moment, marketers grapple with the paradox: while generative AI promises significant benefits for marketing and sales, as per McKinsey survey only 10%–14% of companies consistently utilize it. This raises crucial questions about the barriers hindering widespread adoption and how marketers can effectively bridge this gap to unlock the full potential of generative AI in their initiatives. In this upcoming webinar, we will demonstrate some real-world applications of Generative AI for the marketing organization. Brands you know and love are already implementing these and developing more real-time, adaptive, and personalized content, better campaigns, delivering enhanced CX while saving time and costs and driving greater efficiencies. Key takeaways from the webinar include: Data-Driven Insights, Ideation and Strategy, Execution and Engagement, Efficiency and Scalability, Centralized Governance.
4/18/2024 10:00 AM
SEO webinar by Search Engine Journal for 2024's Top PPC Tactics: Triple Your Google Ads Local Leads


2024's Top PPC Tactics: Triple Your Google Ads Local Leads
Looking to build a PPC strategy that will increase your leads up to 3 times in 2024? Join us as we unlock the secret to Redesign’s time-tested Google Ads strategies that have skyrocketed their lead gen strategy. You’ll get the keys to success for lead gen mastery based on their launch process, keyword selection, ad copy and more. Chris Sosnowski of Redesign will show you bidding strategies, along with critical mistakes to avoid, so you can propel your paid strategies to success. You’ll learn: An A-Z successful lead generation strategy based on proven case studies. The major pitfalls in lead generation, and what you should do instead. How to navigate Google’s recommendations, and separate the good from the bad. Chris will also share examples of how Redesign has turned underperforming accounts into success stories, and how you can do the same with your business. You’ll hear firsthand accounts of how Redesign has supercharged the impact of home service contractors using their PPC blueprint, along with ways you can apply it to your 2024 strategy. Following the presentation, don’t miss our live Q&A with Chris, where he will answer your burning questions. Can’t make it that day? Register and we’ll send you a recording following the presentation.
4/17/2024 6:00 PM
Social Media webinar by Hootsuite for Social Relationships Summit: How to win followers and influence people to buy
Social Relationships Summit: How to win followers and influence people to buy
Take the guesswork out of what your audience genuinely wants—and DOESN’T want—from your brand on social media. We’ll dive into the good, the bad, and the most insightful to help you build strong social content and even stronger customer relationships.
4/3/2024 5:00 PM
SEO webinar by America's SBDC for Mastering SEO Essentials


Mastering SEO Essentials
Gain essential insights to enhance online visibility, optimize for search engines, and compete effectively in the digital market.Join our insightful webinar where we break down the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help you boost your online visibility and drive organic traffic. Learn essential strategies, keyword optimization, and practical tips to elevate your website's ranking on search engines. Don't miss out on this opportunity to empower your business with the fundamentals of SEO and take the first step toward digital success.
3/28/2024 7:00 PM
Advertising webinar by D2N2 Growth Hub for Amazon Advertising Mastery
Amazon Advertising Mastery
Unlock Amazon's vast audience: Join our one-hour webinar and master the art of product advertising on the world's largest marketplace. Elevate your brand, boost sales, and outperform competitors. Essential for business owners and marketing teams. Don't miss out. Secure your spot today!
3/28/2024 9:30 AM
Social Media webinar by Better Business Bureau for BBB Monthly Webinar - Online Reputation Management
BBB Monthly Webinar - Online Reputation Management
Join BBB of Upstate NY for our upcoming Online Reputation Management #webinar! We'll discuss the importance of customer reviews, social media, and how to make email #marketing work best for your organization.
3/27/2024 4:00 PM
Social Media webinar by Empire Medical Training for Achieve Unparalleled Success in the Digital Age – Webinar Spots Open Now!
Achieve Unparalleled Success in the Digital Age – Webinar Spots Open Now!
Master social media and boost your revenue! Join our FREE webinar to transform followers into customers. Drive New Clients with Instagram, Facebook and TikTok! Learn to use Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to attract clients, engage audiences, and boost conversions. Gain insights on optimizing your online presence and turning followers into customers. Boost your business in the digital age! Sponsored by: Learn to increase profits using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Learn techniques to attract new clients and drive higher conversions. Discover proven methods to enhance your digital footprint and audience engagement. Learn strategies to turn social media followers into loyal customers. Discover tools and tips for achieving unparalleled success in the digital age. RSVP NOW
3/26/2024 11:00 PM
Advertising webinar by WēBR Marketing for WEBINAR: Facebook and Instagram Advertising on a Small Budget
WEBINAR: Facebook and Instagram Advertising on a Small Budget
Whether you have $5, $50, or $100 a month to spend on Facebook and Instagram advertising, you can still reach your target customers and clients. Discover some creative ways to do so in this fast paced, intermediate-level webinar.
3/26/2024 11:00 PM

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