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Business > Entrepreneurship webinar by UCalgary Alumni for Spark Change with UCalgary Alumni Entrepreneurs
Spark Change with UCalgary Alumni Entrepreneurs
Join UCalgary Alumni to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit!With a focus on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking, this career-development webinar will allow you to learn from the best. Join an incredible panel of alumni experts — including a dynamic leader of tech startups, an international recruiter and the owner and president of a Canadian Elite Basketball League team — as they describe the unique paths they carved out as entrepreneurs.  Gain insights from those who’ve turned their ideas into reality and use the opportunity to exchange knowledge, and perhaps even start something yourself!  Speakers: Danielle Gifford (Director of AI & Cloud, PwC), Jane Griffith (Managing Partner and Founder, Griffith Group Executive Search) and Jason Ribeiro (Vice-Chairman & President, Calgary Surge)
6/25/2024 6:00 PM
Business > Entrepreneurship webinar by 500 Global for The Art of B2B Engagement for Early-Stage Startups
The Art of B2B Engagement for Early-Stage Startups
Learn about actionable tactics, including the pivotal role founders can play to drive client engagement and increase success in closing B2B deals for early-stage startups.Navigating the B2B sales landscape as an early-stage startup can feel like a daunting journey. Challenges such as low brand awareness, lengthy sales cycles, and complex contract negotiations often stand in the way of success. Yet, with the right strategies and approach, you can elevate your potential to overcome these obstacles.Our webinar is designed to empower you with actionable solutions and insights. We'll delve into the critical role of founders in driving sales, explore differentiation strategies, and discuss techniques to foster strong relationships, helping to close deals. By equipping yourself with these tools, you can be poised to propel your startup forward and achieve meaningful growth in the competitive B2B market.What will you learn?Explore how the B2B sales landscape has transformed in 2024 and discover key tactics for this dynamic environment.Understand how founders can play a pivotal role in driving B2B sales initiatives within an early-stage startup.Learn about actionable strategies to overcome key challenges in B2B sales, from establishing credibility with potential clients to navigating complex decision-making processes and contract negotiations.Who should join us?Early-stage founders stepping into the B2B sales arena, particularly those facing challenges like limited track record, brand recognition and more. Entrepreneurs driven to excel in the competitive B2B market and seeking expert mentorship.Speakers:Leonard Lee, Head of Accelerator Ops, 500 GlobalAndrew Boos, 500 Mentor
6/25/2024 9:00 PM

Previous Webinars

Business > Entrepreneurship webinar by DRB® for Targeting and Engaging Key Customer Segment
Targeting and Engaging Key Customer Segment
Join us for this insightful, 45-minute webinar on how to reduce membership churn, increase share of wallet with members, drive new memberships and cultivate retail customer loyalty. Adopting advanced targeting and engagement strategies can set your car wash business apart from the competition and drive significant revenue growth. Secure your spot now to discover these to discover the power of marketing personalization.Speakers:David Kuchenski, VP of Strategic Product Management, DRBAlison Amira, Director of Strategic Product Management, DRB
by DRB®
6/18/2024 6:00 PM
Business > Entrepreneurship webinar by DMCC for Partnering For Success: MENA Business Growth Strategies
Partnering For Success: MENA Business Growth Strategies
DMCC, in collaboration with AstroLabs, is excited to announce an insightful webinar where we will explore the key to expanding your business in the MENA region.In today's interconnected world, strategic partnerships are essential for business growth and success. However, building and nurturing these partnerships requires a well-defined network strategy and effective tactics. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding startup, join our webinar for valuable insights and actionable strategies to help you access new opportunities and drive growth.Led by industry experts from AstroLabs, this webinar is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of partnership building in MENA's dynamic business landscape. Key topics include:Defining your network strategy: Understanding the importance of identifying the right connections and building a robust network to support your business objectives in the MENA region.Tackling partnerships: Learn actionable strategies for initiating and cultivating strategic partnerships that drive mutual benefits and long-term success.Outcomes: Gain practical insights and real-world examples of successful partnership initiatives, empowering you to network effectively and achieve results.Don't miss out on this chance to gain valuable insights, network with industry peers, and take your business to new heights. Register now to secure your spot!
6/13/2024 7:00 AM
Business > Entrepreneurship webinar by Penn State World Campus for Learning to SOAR: The Power of Our Questions Makes All the Difference
Learning to SOAR: The Power of Our Questions Makes All the Difference
One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is how to fully engage employees. Leaders recognize the benefits of an engaged workforce, such as lower turnover and greater productivity and performance, but they often lack the knowledge about how to get there. This free educational webinar event, hosted by Dr. Jackie Stavros, will address how to engage employees by asking the right questions. Participants will be introduced to Appreciative Inquiry, SOAR, and strategies for achieving meaningful and measurable results. Join this event to learn how to best manage and lead with your conversations.Speaker: Dr. Jackie Stavros, Ph.D., Professor and Management Consultant, Lawrence Technological University.
4/26/2024 4:00 PM
Business > Entrepreneurship webinar by Urban League Greater Southwestern Ohio for Financial Management for Small Business
Financial Management for Small Business
Join us for an exclusive webinar, 'Financial Management for Small Business,' brought to you by the dynamic partnership between the Business Development & Entrepreneurship Center and PNC Bank! In the ever-evolving landscape of small businesses, navigating financial terrain is crucial for sustainable growth. This webinar is your golden ticket to gaining invaluable insights and strategies to advance your business. Expert Guidance: Delve into financial management with seasoned experts from PNC Bank, offering practical advice tailored to small businesses. Proven Strategies: Learn tried-and-true financial management strategies that can transform how you handle your business’s finances. Q&A Session: Get your burning financial questions answered by industry professionals during our interactive Q&A session. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to fortify your business with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed financial decisions. Register now to secure your spot and propel your small business toward unparalleled success.
Business > Entrepreneurship webinar by Scotiabank for From Idea to Business | Startup Women
From Idea to Business | Startup Women
This is the first webinar Startup Canada will host, as part of the Startup Women 2024 program. These webinars aim to support the business development of women-identifying entrepreneurs and give them the tools and know-how to navigate the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey. ABOUT: This webinar will guide early-stage women-identifying entrepreneurs through the foundational steps of turning their business idea into reality. We'll cover market research, business planning, and the resources available to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.
3/27/2024 4:00 PM
Business > Entrepreneurship webinar by Aruwa Capital Management for Raising Investment Amid VC Funding Crunch
Raising Investment Amid VC Funding Crunch
In 2023, there was a decline in venture capital (VC) investments in African tech startups of up to 46%, according to Partech Partners, a leading VC firm which tracks startup investment on the continent. This decline is attributed to the global slowdown in venture capital activities due to a combination of reduced investor interest, inflationary pressures and geopolitical conflicts. Foreign VCs reduced their investments in African tech startups compared to 2022. Forecasts suggest that this trend may persist into 2024. In this edition of Insider Series, our speaker will talk about the funding crunch and share actionable tips for African startups that plan to fundraise during this tough time. The webinar is open to tech startups at all stages of development across Africa.
3/22/2024 2:00 PM
Business > Entrepreneurship webinar by ASU Small Business Development Center for SBDC Day Celebration: The State of Small Business in Texas
SBDC Day Celebration: The State of Small Business in Texas
Join us for an insightful virtual workshop marking #SBDCDay - a national celebration of the invaluable role Small Business Development Centers play in propelling small business success. This engaging 1-hour event will explore the "State of Small Business in Texas" through expert insights from: -Al Salgado, Texas South-West SBDC Executive Director -Adriana Cruz, Executive Director of Texas Governor's Office of Economic Development and Tourism -Jeff Burdett, State Director of NFIB in Texas As the backbone of our state's economy, small businesses deserve a spotlight. Our prominent speakers will analyze current trends, discuss policies impacting entrepreneurs, share vital resources, and more. You won't want to miss this comprehensive look at empowering Texas' small business landscape!
Business > Entrepreneurship webinar by TNW | The Heart of Tech for Why Europe Fails Scaleups and How To Fix It
Why Europe Fails Scaleups and How To Fix It
Navigating the diverse European innovation landscape, Why Europe Fails Scaleups and How to Fix It is a free webinar brought to you by TNW and FT Live. During this one-hour panel discussion and Q&A, our expert speakers will discuss challenges in the European startup landscape, from policy to investment, that make it difficult to scale. We’ll also dive into the ways that successful European scaleups have skyrocketed through their market, what policy improvements governments can make, practices investors can take to support their portfolios, and collaboration techniques corporates can use to work with startups. Our expert panelists include: Christina Calje, Founder of Autheos and Angel Investor at Operator Exchange, Ines Moreno, EU Director at Allied for Startups, Michael Jackson, Partner at Multiple Capital, and Anke Huiskes, Partner at NP-Hard Ventures. Moderated by: Javier Espinoza, EU Correspondent, Financial Times.
3/19/2024 3:00 PM

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