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Cultural webinar by Australian Institute of Family Studies for Navigating cultural differences and ethical dilemmas when working with culturally diverse families
Navigating cultural differences and ethical dilemmas when working with culturally diverse families
Many practitioners strive to support all families in ways that are culturally appropriate and sensitive. However, when practitioners work with children and families from a different culture than their own, they may receive questions or hear experiences that differ from the norms, knowledge or expectations of their own culture. In these situations, practitioners may feel uncertain about how to navigate these cultural differences.Ethical dilemmas can arise when practitioners’ own values or opinions around equity, fairness or parenting practices differ from those of the family they’re working with. For example, differences around the expected responsibilities appropriate for a child to take on.Practitioners may feel uncertain about how to best support the mental health and well-being of the child and their family while maintaining cultural respect, humility, and curiosity. Through self-reflection and improved cultural awareness, practitioners can avoid unintentionally imposing their own beliefs and expectations on families. This can reduce the risk of the child and their family feeling misunderstood or isolated from services.This webinar will help you: maintain humility and curiosity when cultural differences and ethical dilemmas arise in your work navigate conversations with children and families from cultures that are different from your own, particularly when cultural differences arise, so that you can maintain culturally sensitive practicereflect on and challenge your own assumptions, judgments, and biases when ethical dilemmas arise due to cultural differences.This webinar will interest practitioners who work in the child and family sector – such as psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, nurses, teachers and support workers – who want to develop their confidence and cultural humility when working with culturally diverse children, parents, families and communities.This webinar is co-produced by CFCA at AIFS and Emerging Minds in a series focusing on children’s mental health. They are working together as part of the Emerging Minds: National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health, which is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care under the National Support for Child and Youth Mental Health Program.Presenters: Pshko Marden, Rhett McDonald, Hala Abdelnour and Amanda Kemperman.
Realty and Home Buying webinar by Revolution Rental Management for Evictions in a Post-COVID World
Evictions in a Post-COVID World
In this webinar, we are going to talk about how evictions have radically changed in the wake of the COVID pandemic. What used to take a few weeks in earlier years can now take months in some Atlanta counties. We will discuss:How evictions differ from county to countyWhich counties are the worst for evictions (and why you should buy investment properties in other counties)How the sheriff plays into the timelineNew legislation that attempts to resolve the problem (but may create other problems)How we keep evictions extremely rareHow you can protect yourself from non-paying tenantsSpeakers: Tood Ortscheid (President, CEO, and Owner) and Zach Chapman (Business Development Manager)
6/26/2024 8:00 PM

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Travel webinar by Stay22 for Stay22 Insight Series: Diversifying Income Streams for Travel Bloggers
Stay22 Insight Series: Diversifying Income Streams for Travel Bloggers
Are you ready to take your travel blogging career to the next level and unlock new revenue streams? Join us on June 20th for the latest installment of the Stay22 Insight Series: "Diversifying Income Streams for Travel Bloggers."In this exclusive webinar, subject matter experts Jeremy Jones and Chris Mitchell of This Week In Blogging dive deep into strategies and tactics aimed at helping travel bloggers expand their income beyond traditional methods. Whether you're just starting out or looking to boost your current revenue, this event is for you!Topics to be Covered:Finding Different Traffic Sources: Discover new ways to attract visitors to your blog and increase your reach.Creating Products: Learn how to develop and monetize your own products, from e-books to online courses.Establishing a More Intentional Affiliate Strategy: Maximize your affiliate earnings by strategically selecting partnerships and optimizing your content.Leveraging Your Expertise: Explore opportunities for consulting, speaking gigs, and other forms of monetization based on your travel blogging expertise.Understanding the Current Landscape: Stay informed about industry trends and developments to make informed decisions about your income strategy.Social Media that Drives Revenue: Become an expert on platforms to attract clients and secure sponsored campaigns.Effectively Marketing Yourself: Learn how to confidently communicate your value to potential partners.Why Attend?Gain valuable insights from industry experts and successful travel bloggers.Discover practical strategies you can implement immediately to diversify your income.Network with like-minded professionals and expand your community.Access exclusive resources and tools to support your journey as a travel blogger.Don't Miss Out!Ready to take the next step in your travel blogging career? Reserve your spot for our upcoming webinar today! Simply fill out the registration form below to secure your place:
by Stay22
6/20/2024 4:00 PM
Realty and Home Buying webinar by HBREA Houston Democracy in Housing for HUD Certificate Home Buying Webinar by HBREA-June 2024
HUD Certificate Home Buying Webinar by HBREA-June 2024
Become a Homeowner! Attend HBREA-HUD Certificate Home Buying Webinar for a step-by-step process to purchase a home.What you will learn:Overcoming barriers preventing you from homeownershipCredit issues, too much debt, insufficient incomeMortgage programs designed for First Time Home BuyersDown payment & closing cost assistanceHome InsuranceHome Inspectionand moreAdditional Information: 1 day 20 hours event. Day One - Thursday 6pm to 8pm, Day Two - Following Saturday 10am to 2pm. Must Attend both days for certificate.Speakers: Gayle Randolph
6/13/2024 11:00 PM
Cultural webinar by Land Portal for Gender, biodiversity and how Indigenous and local community women safeguard nature
Gender, biodiversity and how Indigenous and local community women safeguard nature
Indigenous women’s knowledge, which includes intricate understanding of various species, considering their nutritional value, medicinal properties, and ecological roles is passed down through generations and not only enriches their communities but has been crucial for western science. Indigenous women's insights have often informed Western understandings, leading to the development of pioneering medicine as well as a deeper analyses of climate phenomena such as droughts, floods, and biodiversity migration.However, despite their invaluable contributions, Indigenous women's roles continue to be marginalized, often relegated to the status of beneficiaries rather than recognized as partners and agents of change. They face intersecting challenges due to their gender and Indigenous identity, enduring various forms of discrimination.As we look forward to COP16 and discussions surrounding the Global Biodiversity Framework, it becomes increasingly pertinent to amplify the voices of Indigenous women who uphold ancestral wisdom and play a vital role in preserving the world's biodiversity. Integrating their perspectives into global dialogues on benefit-sharing and biodiversity conservation is crucial for achieving more effective and inclusive outcomes.
6/13/2024 1:00 PM
Personal & Lifestyle webinar by Women in Public Health for Advancing Gender Equity in Public Health Leadership: Insights from the Women in Public Health Survey
Advancing Gender Equity in Public Health Leadership: Insights from the Women in Public Health Survey
We’re hosting the first of our webinar and virtual networking series, reporting on the results of the WPH network survey and diving deeper into the key priority areas identified by our members.Join us as Sarah Jackson (Director, Jackson Pearse Policy & Communications, Coordinator WPH) presents key data from the Women in Public Health Survey and Nicole Hewlett (Project Manager at the First Nations Cancer & Wellbeing Research Program, University of Queensland, Founding member WPH) shares her personal experiences and perspectives on why initiatives like WPH are vital for advancing gender equity.Engage in interactive Q&A sessions, participate in live polls, and join break-out room discussions to network and delve deeper into topics of gender equity and public health leadership.Speakers:Sarah JacksonCaterina GiorgiNicole Hewlett
6/7/2024 12:30 AM
Exercise and Fitness webinar by InjureFree for Women Leaders in Athlete Safety Webinar
Women Leaders in Athlete Safety Webinar
Join us on May 21, 2024 at 12p EST for our Athlete Safety webinar featuring Women Leaders in youth and amateur sports. Our panelist will share insights on their organizations approach to:Athlete SafetyCoach & Volunteer EducationRisk ManagementInjury ReportingInsurance CoveragesMeet Our Panelists:Jami Lobpries - CEO, The Alliance FastpitchDeanna Sheridan - General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, 3STEP SportsLaura Halfpenny - Senior Director, Soccer Growth, US Soccer FederationJosh Opiola - Moderator, SVP Business Development, InjureFreeMegan Lukacs - Moderator, Director, Data & Innovation, InjureFree
5/21/2024 4:00 PM
Arts and Handicrafts webinar by Arrieta Art for Knitting + Art Social for Mental wellness ~ All skills welcome
Knitting + Art Social for Mental wellness ~ All skills welcome
Discover the therapeutic benefits of knitting and art as you engage in conversations, share tips and tricks, and explore your creative side. Our inclusive community embraces all skill levels, so don't worry if you're new to knitting or haven't picked up your needles in a while!Take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and indulge in a moment of relaxation. Connect with others who understand the joy of creating and appreciate its positive impact on mental wellness. Leave feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to continue your creative journey.
4/28/2024 11:00 PM
Music webinar by APRA AMCOS for APRA AMCOS Insights: Performing & Releasing Other People's Music
APRA AMCOS Insights: Performing & Releasing Other People's Music
Answering all your most asked questions about cover songs, arrangements and remixes. Performing music by other artists you love is fun, allows you to put your own new twist on a well-known song and can expand your audience. But if the music isn’t entirely your own it can also mean there are other considerations: - What is a cover song, verse an arrangement, verses a remix? When can you register your versions with APRA AMCOS? - Do you need permission to perform live or record cover songs? - Can you upload your version of another artist’s music online? - What about remixes? - Can you use another writer’s text or lyrics? - What about the public domain? We'll be covering all the essentials to know when working with other people's words and music.
4/17/2024 7:30 AM
Religion webinar by YIVO Institute for Jewish Research for Responses To October 7th
Responses To October 7th
Historian Jeffrey Herf will lead a panel exploring responses to Hamas’ October 7th massacres and to the state of Israel’s subsequent military response. Meir Litvak will discuss his scholarship on the Islamization of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Norman Goda will examine rules of war, civilian casualties, and accusations of genocide; Karin Stögner will discuss theories of race and intersectionality and anti-Zionism, and the gendered aspects of the violence of October 7; and David Hirsh will examine the nature of leftist anti-Zionism that achieved predominance for some years in the British Labor Party.
4/16/2024 5:00 PM

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