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Marketing > Advertising webinar by Freeths Solicitors for AI for Ad Campaigns - Implications for Intellectual Property
AI for Ad Campaigns - Implications for Intellectual Property
Generative AI is a revolutionary tool, a disruptive technology impacting the way we create and consume media. In the advertising space, tech giants have been increasing capability in their generative AI products, making it easy to utilise AI in advertising campaigns from consumer reach to content creation. But as AI advances at an unprecedented pace, it is raising profound questions about intellectual property (IP) protection. But it isn’t just advertisers. Anyone using an AI tool to create content needs to be aware of the associated IP risks. Is the generated content original or can it infringe third party IP? What happens if it does? Who gets sued? What is clear is that now use of generative AI tools is so widespread, any business or individual is at risk of having their IP infringed. We will discuss common pitfalls and dangers, as well as the good practice to ensure compliant ad campaigns. In this webinar we will cover: · Generative AI – What is it, how is it used in the A&M sector. · The challenges of establishing IP ownership in AI-generated content. · Losing your brand’s original voice and its human touch · Misleading or deceptive advertisements · Plagiarism and IP infringement · Case examples of Legal disputes · UK Legislation · Mitigating Risk, having a protection strategy in place · Audience Targeting – delivery of your ads to the right audience at the right time · Getting data from an un/reliable source · Bias in AI algorithms
6/12/2024 9:00 AM
Marketing > Advertising webinar by D2N2 Growth Hub for Amazon Advertising Mastery
Amazon Advertising Mastery
Unlock Amazon's vast audience: Join our one-hour webinar and master the art of product advertising on the world's largest marketplace. Elevate your brand, boost sales, and outperform competitors. Essential for business owners and marketing teams. Don't miss out. Secure your spot today!
3/28/2024 9:30 AM
Marketing > Advertising webinar by WēBR Marketing for WEBINAR: Facebook and Instagram Advertising on a Small Budget
WEBINAR: Facebook and Instagram Advertising on a Small Budget
Whether you have $5, $50, or $100 a month to spend on Facebook and Instagram advertising, you can still reach your target customers and clients. Discover some creative ways to do so in this fast paced, intermediate-level webinar.
3/26/2024 11:00 PM
Marketing > Advertising webinar by for How to track the success of an earned media campaign
How to track the success of an earned media campaign
Attempting to isolate the contribution comms in an integrated marketing campaign has long been a frustration for public relations professionals. But digital technologies, more advanced campaign planning techniques and the appropriate use of integrated measurement frameworks have changed the game. Learn how to implement these techniques at this webinar.
3/19/2024 4:00 PM