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Higher Education webinar by Sharz Borderless Study Consults for EU Business School Webinar
EU Business School Webinar
This month's Sharz webinar features EU Business School where we'll host the School's Nazish Interzar.
6/5/2024 11:00 AM
Education webinar by Education Week for Portrait of a Graduate: A Decade of Transforming Education
Portrait of a Graduate: A Decade of Transforming Education
School districts and state systems nationwide have crafted Portraits of a Graduate, which outline the skills and competencies necessary for success in work, higher education, community involvement, and personal development.With a decade of success spearheading this movement, Battelle for Kids is the leader in helping communities define their vision of student success through Portrait of a Graduate.This webinar delves into BFK’s upcoming report, The Future of Portrait of a Graduate, and will:Explore the value of developing a Portrait of a Graduate.Analyze the durable skills emphasized by communities.Discuss the results communities have seen when they translate those visions into tangible initiatives.Explain how your school district or system can empower your students to meet the expectations and challenges of a complex, changing world.Join us and ensure your students are future-ready!Guest Speakers:Bob Nelson, Ed.D., Superintendent, Fresno Unified School District, CACatherine Truitt, State Superintendent, North Carolina Department of Public InstructionColon Lewis, Ed.D., Chief Learning Officer, Battelle for KidsModerator:Mike Duncan, Ed.D., President and CEO, Battelle for Kids
6/11/2024 6:00 PM
K-12 webinar by AC Education for Academic Transitions Webinar
Academic Transitions Webinar
Supporting successful school transitions - any age, any stage, even if you think you already know how to do this well!Relevant, up-to-date information about relationships education in Primary and relationships and sex education (RSE) in secondary.The cost of this session is £7.99 per person but if you book before 20th June, you will receive our early bird price of £5.99.We look forward to welcoming you.Speakers: Not specified
7/4/2024 9:30 AM
Higher Education webinar by Coalition for Carolina Foundation for Webinar featuring interim chancellor Lee Roberts
Webinar featuring interim chancellor Lee Roberts
Join the Coalition for Carolina as we speak with interim UNC Chapel Hill chancellor Lee Roberts. Co-founders Roger Perry and Mimi Chapman will participate in a discussion with Interim Chancellor Roberts and include questions that have not been asked yet in any other interview. Participants will also have the opportunity to submit questions during the webinar for the Interim-Chancellor Roberts to answer.
9/1/2024 12:00 AM

Previous Webinars

Education webinar by Litmaps for Accelerate Your Research & Lit Review with Litmaps
Accelerate Your Research & Lit Review with Litmaps
​Join us for another Litmaps Webinar to learn how to use Litmaps to accelerate your literature review and enhance your research productivity.​In this Webinar we'll cover specific examples and demonstrate how to:​Search for research​Find the most important papers quickly​Keep your papers organized​Save time in your next literature review​All using our online tool, Litmaps.​​​​​​This Webinar will help you better explore, understand and contribute to scientific literature.​​​Please bring your questions and we can dive into them during the Q&A portion.
by Litmaps
5/29/2024 9:00 PM
Education webinar by for Disrupting Dominant Narratives About API Educators and Students in Science Education
Disrupting Dominant Narratives About API Educators and Students in Science Education
A panel of API science education scholar-educators share their experiences and perspectives, within the context of increasing awareness of API racism and hate, thereby disrupting dominant narratives about API communities and advancing diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice in science education.Join the API RIG as they provide a space for API scholar-educators and allies to share their experiences and perspectives in ways that disrupt deficit-based, dominant narratives of the API community with a focus on science education, and encourage collaborations and networking among API scholars and allies in the work of advancing equity, diversity, justice, and inclusion for the API science education community through scholar-activism and research. A panel of educators and researchers will share their experiences, perspectives, and scholar-activist work, followed by a Q & A session. Time will also be allocated for breakout sessions for API scholars to network and connect over common interests.
5/22/2024 10:30 PM
Education webinar by MTPT | The Maternity Teacher / Paternity Teacher Project for I'm Pregnant! Everything you need to know.
I'm Pregnant! Everything you need to know.
A 45 minute online webinar with 15 minute Q&A for pregnant and expectant teachers from The MTPT Project, the UK's charity for parent-teachers.We'll share:Information about your legal entitlements as a pregnant or expectant teacher, leader or other colleague working in educationThe research about the impact of pregnancy and maternity on occupational mobility, including details about qualifying and clawback periods for maternity payPaperwork that you need to provide for your school, and that they need to provide for youBest practice you can expect or request from your line managers, leaders and teamsHow (and when) to inform your employer - and your classes!How to deal with sickness and request reasonable adjustmentsYour entitlements in the event of miscarriage or stillbirthHow to request a third trimester meeting and a suggested agenda to discussSuggested handover proceduresHow to request a third trimester meeting and a suggested agenda to discussWhat to do if you want to stay involved with your school life during your leaveThe webinar will be facilitated by Emma Sheppard, Founder of The MTPT Project, and include encouraging case studies from The MTPT Project community.Our online Eventbrite page includes resources and links referenced in the webinar, as well as recommended reading and listening options.A recording of the webinar will be made available for all sign ups for two weeks following the event. Please indicate whether you will be joining us live / accessing the recording when you book your ticket.We understand that your pregnancy / expectancy is a matter of discretion and will not share details of any sign ups beyond the facilitating team. Please anonymise your Zoom screen name when you join us if you would like to protect your identity.This webinar is part of The MTPT Project's "What to Expect as an Expectant Teacher" series. Join us live or access the recorded versions of the other webinars in the series:I'm Thinking of Starting a Family... what do I need to know?Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination: what to know and what to doWhat do different forms of Parental Leave look like?
Education webinar by Pro-Study for Pro-Study and ADHD
Pro-Study and ADHD
Pro-Study can help students who have difficulties with identifying, collating, and organising research material. By reducing the steps required to read and evaluate articles, Pro-Study makes the research process more manageable for students, and therefore less daunting.
5/22/2024 3:00 PM
Education webinar by ClinGen for How to Read a Genetic Testing Report
How to Read a Genetic Testing Report
Review types of genetic changes (variants) and other common genetics terms as we walk through how to review a genetic test report.
by ClinGen
4/25/2024 11:00 PM
Education webinar by Circuit Stream for Future Skills 2024: Preparing Teens for the Future
Future Skills 2024: Preparing Teens for the Future
Hear from leaders in higher education, technology professionals and our teen alums about the opportunities that await teens in tech and how they can benefit from learning emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, coding and more this summer!Join us on April 18th for an inspiring journey into the world of technology at Future Skills 2024: Preparing Teens for the Future, presented by Circuit Stream. Our lineup of speakers will discuss how the technology skills taught in our pre-university tech courses can open doors and opportunities for teens - transforming them from consumers to creators.PLUS you'll hear from actual teens on how they navigate technology and use it to benefit their future.Whether you're a passionate teenager eager to explore the possibilities of technology, or a parent/educator seeking to support the next generation of innovators, Future Skills 2024: Preparing Teens for the Future promises to be an unforgettable experience filled with knowledge, inspiration, and opportunities for growth.Speakers:Catherine Chandler-CrichlowDean, School of Continuing StudiesUniversity of Toronto SCSKrypton NiVideo Game Coding, 2023Teen Course AlumStacey Long-GenoveseGlobal Head of Education and TrainingSnapchatHimanshu JoshiApplied AI LeadVector InstituteTeen Project Highlights:We're really proud of all the amazing work our students have done during our pre-university courses last year.Video Game CodingAnirud I. 2023Video Game CodingAdam T. 2023Video Game CodingAlex H. 2023Video Game CodingEason Z. 2023
4/18/2024 10:30 PM

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