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Technology > Telecom webinar by STL Partners for The future of the edge data centre market
The future of the edge data centre market
Data centre demand is shifting, with more enterprise workloads needing to be stored and processed closer to their source, outside of hyperscale sites. This is leading to a rise in edge data centres providing localised, reliable, secure and low latency compute. In this webinar we will discuss: - How enterprise demand for data centre services are changing - What is the impact of new market trends (such as the rise of artificial intelligence) on the type of infrastructure required - What do service providers need to do to best address the market opportunity
5/8/2024 2:00 PM
Technology > Telecom webinar by HFCL Limited for Smaller And Faster: High Density Optical Microcable
Smaller And Faster: High Density Optical Microcable
Gain insights into the diverse applications of microcables, from urban high density areas to rural FTTH (Fiber to the Home) distribution and drop cable applications, showcasing their versatility and importance in modern network setups. Discover the advantages of jetting microcables into microducts, a method that enhances the efficiency and speed of cable installations, reducing time and costs associated with network deployments. Get detailed information on the features of microcables that make them a preferred choice for OSP deployments, including their compact size, enhanced capacity, and ease of installation. Be among the first to know about the latest developments and additions to the microcable family, staying ahead in the industry with the most current and innovative solutions available.HFCL is a leading technology company specializing in creating digital networks for telcos, enterprises and governments. Over the years, HFCL has emerged as a trusted partner offering sustainable high tech solutions with a commitment to provide the latest technology products to its customers. Our strong R&D expertise coupled with our global system integration services and decades of experience in fiber optics enable us to deliver innovative digital network solutions required for the most advanced networks.
3/5/2024 4:00 PM
Technology > Telecom webinar by Aryaka for Unveiling Next-Level Connectivity from Germany to China
Unveiling Next-Level Connectivity from Germany to China
Discover the future of global connectivity in our upcoming webinar, presented in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom Singapore. This event is crucial for anyone involved in enhancing connectivity strategies between Germany and China. What You'll Learn: 1. Telecommunication Landscape: Get an in-depth understanding of the connectivity dynamics between Germany and China and the role of Aryaka & Deutsche Telekom in shaping this landscape. 2. Overcoming Connectivity Challenges: Aryaka, in partnership with Deutsche Telekom, brings innovative solutions to tackle common connectivity barriers. 3. Boosting Application Performance: Strategies to enhance performance for critical applications in Greater China, including insights from Aryaka and Deutsche Telekom's extensive network expertise. 4. Aryaka vs. Traditional Connectivity: Discover the superior benefits of Aryaka's connectivity solutions compared to traditional methods. Speakers and Host: • Craig Patterson (SVP Global Channel) • Lisette Sens (Sr Sales Director APAC) • Han Lei (Solutions Engineer) • Janik Rühl (Sr. Sales Manager) • Hosted by Reagen Li (Sr. Channel Marketing Manager APAC) Join us to explore how Aryaka, in partnership with Deutsche Telekom, is revolutionizing connectivity between Germany and China. This webinar is a must-attend for those seeking efficient and effective connectivity solutions. Secure your spot and gain invaluable insights from industry leaders.
by Aryaka
1/17/2024 6:00 AM
Technology > Telecom webinar by Cato Networks for Making Sure SASE Projects Are a Success
Making Sure SASE Projects Are a Success
Successful SASE projects hinge on network and security teams' efficient and effective collaboration. Register for our latest webinar, "Making Sure SASE Projects Are A Success", to learn from our vast experience on what works, what doesn’t, how to avoid common pitfalls, and how to maximize the success potential for your SASE project. Join Eyal Webber-Zvik, Cato’s VP of Product Marketing and Strategic Alliances to explore: The changes happening within IT teams all over the world The value of internal collaboration to drive SASE success Tips for outcome-focused SASE platform evaluation How to perform an effective SASE vendor selection process
1/10/2024 3:00 PM
Technology > Telecom webinar by Mobile World Live for Mobile Operators: How to Excel in Your Transition to eSIM-Only Smartphones
Mobile Operators: How to Excel in Your Transition to eSIM-Only Smartphones
eSIM is gaining traction in many markets around the world, at different paces. In the U.S., eSIM has already conquered the consumer market since the launch of flagship eSIM-only smartphones in 2022. Countries in other continents are about to follow this path and embrace eSIM in more devices. These new devices and subsequent use cases require mobile operators to rethink and reshape the traditional approach in several different areas. They must act now to get ready on time. Join our webinar and learn how to prepare for the advent of eSIM-only smartphones. Sylvain Givord, eSIM Product Manager at IDEMIA and Bjorn Hjelt, Head of eSIM & Multi-Device at Telia Company will discuss: - Why raising the topic of eSIM-only smartphones and starting to act now is essential - How eSIM-only smartphones impact mobile operators at different levels - How to get ready following key best practices
12/7/2023 4:00 PM
Technology > Telecom webinar by Creanord for Advanced TWAMP Monitoring Techniques for 5G Networks
Advanced TWAMP Monitoring Techniques for 5G Networks
As 5G networks evolve, there is more and more business and mission critical traffic on the networks with stringent requirements on performance. Also consumer traffic, dominated by video, challenges the performance of the mobile networks. In this webinar we look at the TWAMP protocol and how you can use it to obtain a multi-vendor, end-to-end view of the performance of the entire data transport network. We also look at some advanced techniques that you can use with TWAMP to troubleshoot some of the most tricky networking issues. Join our webinar to understand how you can build outperforming 5G networks using a modern approach to performance management.
11/30/2023 8:00 AM
Technology > Telecom webinar by Wire and Cable Technology International for Redesign to Cost: How CableBuilder Helps to Optimize Your Cable Designs
Redesign to Cost: How CableBuilder Helps to Optimize Your Cable Designs
Cimteq by UL Solutions invites you to the next in a series of webinars for wire and cable manufacturers. Title: Redesign to Cost: How CableBuilder Helps to Optimize Your Cable Designs Hamada Khalifa – Commercial Technical Lead, Cimteq by UL Solutions, will deliver this informative webinar that focuses on: - Preventing over-quality and under-quality production; - Showing the cost breakdown for both raw material and operation; - Adhere to international standards – CableBuilder helps the design engineer to ensure the cable is designed according to a specific standard; - Manufacture to exact customer requirements whilst meeting national and/or international specifications; - Ensure the correct usage of raw materials; - Understand routing options. When: Wednesday, 22nd November 2023 Times: 1st showing at 8am-9am GMT (UK time) 2nd showing at 4pm-5pm GMT (UK time) CAN'T ATTEND? STILL REGISTER, AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A RECORDING OF THE WEBINAR If you cannot join the webinar on the day, please do not worry; you will be sent a recording of the webinar to watch whenever you choose. Register for the webinar, and we’ll take care of the rest. **IMPORTANT! Ensure you receive your confirmation email** If you do not receive your confirmation email within 5 minutes, please check your Junk/Spam folder. The email will be sent to you from Also, please add the webinar to your calendar once you have registered your details below and have been redirected to the confirmation page. We look forward to welcoming you on the 22nd November 2023
Technology > Telecom webinar by Juniper Networks for Wizards of Wi-Fi 6E: Lessons Learned from Real Deployments
Wizards of Wi-Fi 6E: Lessons Learned from Real Deployments
Wi-Fi 6E is here, and that means more possibilities for your wireless network. However, every wizard knows that the best magic comes with some complexity you must overcome before you begin reaping the benefits. You just need the right teachers to show you how. Join our Wizards of Wi-Fi experts as they discuss the benefits and challenges of Wi-Fi 6E and what our customers learned over the past year with real-life Wi-Fi 6E deployments. You’ll learn: Deployment consideration include PoE, Security with WPA3 is not as hard as you think, Personal Enterprise and OWE, Wi-Fi 6E channel design, How AI can be leveraged to tune the network in real time and reduce complexity, Client behaviors.
11/21/2023 10:00 AM
Technology > Telecom webinar by Domestic PCB Fabrication, USA for Next Generation Thermal Management PCB Webinar
Next Generation Thermal Management PCB Webinar
This webinar will go beyond basic LED technology and delve into advanced methods of thermal management that are also applicable in other industries such as high-speed networking and telecom. We further the knowledge base by detailing alternative methods that provide cost savings with limited performance loss. And last, but not least, we will explore technologies currently under development for future thermal management solutions.
11/16/2023 4:00 PM