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#1 Unified, Cloud-Based Test Automation Platform for QA Teams webinars
#1 Unified, Cloud-Based Test Automation Platform for QA Teams
Testsigma is a unified, cloud-based test automation platform that empowers QA teams to automate tests in plain English. With Testsigma, you can test web applications, mobile apps, desktop apps, and APIs in one platform. Testsigma allows you to create automated tests 5x faster using NLP-based scripting or record-and-playback. It provides features like test data management, AI-driven test automation, integrations, and more. With Testsigma, you can build stable and reliable automated tests and easily debug and view reports. Start automating tests with Testsigma and ship with confidence.
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#SocialSchool4EDU webinars
At #SocialSchool4EDU, we train your staff to be social media storytellers so you can stand out from other schools, celebrate your students and staff, and reach thousands in your community every day.
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@mondaysupport webinars
We're here to help! Check out all of our resources below
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@nafme webinars
Official account for National Association for Music Education. Founded 1907.
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@uipathglobal Lnk.Bio webinars
@uipathglobal Lnk.Bio
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1859 webinars
We are accelerating drug discovery to deliver treatments to patients faster. Our powerful engine integrates combinatorial chemistry, pico-scale activity-based screening, and AI, generating millions of empirical datapoints every week to evolve our models. This enables our biologists and medicinal chemists to discover novel small molecule therapeutics rapidly.
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24/7 Medical Billing Services webinars
24/7 Medical Billing Services
24/7 Medical Billing Services is a leading provider of medical billing and revenue cycle management services. With over a decade of experience, we specialize in helping healthcare providers improve their revenue by handling all their billing-related chores in a highly professional manner. Our team of certified experts ensures accurate coding, timely documentation, and streamlined claims processing. Whether you need medical billing, medical coding, denial management, eligibility verification, or credentialing services, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Contact us now to increase your practice revenue by 30%!
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24/7 Software webinars
24/7 Software
24/7 Software provides facility management software for proactive operations of the world's greatest properties. With real-time communication, lightning-fast performance, reporting & analytics, incident management, live mapping, and more, our platform helps enhance awareness, efficiency, and experience. From sports arenas to convention centers, airports, and entertainment venues, we offer tailored solutions to maximize operations and reduce risk. Partnered with industry leaders and trusted by organizations like Cincinnati Reds and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, our software enables proactive management and exceptional customer service.
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30 Forensic Engineering webinars
30 Forensic Engineering
We are a team of investigators, engineers, scientists, and problem solvers. We bring clarity to complex scientific problems to help our clients make decisions with confidence. All our work is backed by uncompromising investigative forensic reporting. We are 30.
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3Degrees webinars
3Degrees helps organizations around the world achieve renewable energy and decarbonization goals. They offer services such as climate consulting, implementation, RECs and other global EACs, carbon credits, RNG certificates, utility partnerships, and transportation decarbonization solutions. With over 15 years of experience, 3Degrees has provided renewable energy and emission reduction solutions to Fortune 500 companies, utilities, and other organizations globally.
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