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Finance > Payments & E-Payments webinar by Worldline Global for A Guide to Instant Payment Adoption: Future Proofing Your Business
A Guide to Instant Payment Adoption: Future Proofing Your Business
The instant payments regulation will have a significant impact on the way credit transfers in Euro are carried out, impacting the EU across industries from financial services to retail. Making the leap to instant payments for payment service providers is a large investment, and cohesive strategy is needed to get off on the right foot. In the second installment of our series, we discussed the specific challenges brought on by the upcoming regulation changes. In our final installment, we’ll deep dive into how to future proof your organisation while ensuring your compliancy with the instant payments regulation. Join us as we discuss: - How to create your instant payment adoption roadmap - Turn key solutions for late adopters - The impact of the ramp up of instant payments, and why scalability and resilience should be core principles to your instant payment gameplan - Leveraging insights for your move to SCT Inst - And much more!
4/16/2024 9:00 AM
Finance > Payments & E-Payments webinar by Verifi Inc for New Year, New You: Keeping a Healthy Risk Profile
New Year, New You: Keeping a Healthy Risk Profile
You’ve done all you can to secure the sale, the customer has received what they purchased and now your focus is growing your revenue. But what happens if there is an issue with the purchase after is complete? Verifi and Visa have been building solutions and processes to promote a balanced and equitable payment ecosystem. Post-purchase solutions help merchants manage chargeback risk, improve the customer experience, control their dispute and fraud ratios, and drive additional value from payments which have historically been seen as a cost center. Verifi will be joined by a key client to share how the new era of dispute management solutions can help all payment stakeholders balance the dispute scales, reducing financial loss, payment risk and operational costs. Key takeaways: Post-purchase strategies to protect merchants from the downstream effects of chargebacks, Market developments to balance risk across the ecosystem, including Compelling Evidence 3.0, and Merchant experience with dispute management, including tangible tactics to put in place to manage chargeback risk
12/6/2023 5:00 PM
Finance > Payments & E-Payments webinar by IFA Magazine for The benefits of MPS: Why you shouldn’t let your clients move to cash
The benefits of MPS: Why you shouldn’t let your clients move to cash
With such significant geopolitical and economic challenges facing investors today, many advisers’ clients are, understandably, concerned about the risks to the value of their portfolios. Rather than going to cash or fixed interest, how can MPS help you and your clients to navigate such political and economic events? And when it comes to choosing an MPS, is there more to MPS than performance and cost? How do you choose which to recommend for your clients and how much do you allocate to each one? In this webinar, which will be focused on helping advisers and paraplanners to manage the various challenges around MPS, our panel of experts will explore such questions and share their insight as well as giving practical help on how you can navigate crucial MPS decisions. The webinar will be taking place on Thursday 23rd November and will be chaired by Chris Curtis, Community Development Manager at Asset Risk Consultants. Chris will be joined by expert speakers: - Alex Funk, Chief Investment Officer at Schroders - Simon Taylor, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Platforms at Investec We have limited spaces available for this webinar, so please register now. This webinar is for Financial Professionals only. CPD certifiable.
11/24/2023 12:00 AM
Finance > Payments & E-Payments webinar by Paystack for Live Q&A with the Paystack Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, and Rwanda teams
Live Q&A with the Paystack Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, and Rwanda teams
Paystack is a technology company, acquired by Stripe in 2020, helping over 200,000 ambitious businesses in Africa securely accept payments from customers from all over the world. After several years of serving thousands of businesses in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, we’re thrilled to announce our private beta in Côte d'Ivoire, alongside Egypt, and Rwanda. Come chat with our country teams to get answers to all your questions about how Paystack can serve your businesses in each of these countries. We’ll talk about our roadmap for each country, and also discuss our general philosophy for international expansion.
11/16/2023 3:00 PM