New Year, New You: Keeping a Healthy Risk Profile

Finance > Payments & E-Payments12/6/2023 5:00 PM

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You’ve done all you can to secure the sale, the customer has received what they purchased and now your focus is growing your revenue. But what happens if there is an issue with the purchase after is complete? Verifi and Visa have been building solutions and processes to promote a balanced and equitable payment ecosystem. Post-purchase solutions help merchants manage chargeback risk, improve the customer experience, control their dispute and fraud ratios, and drive additional value from payments which have historically been seen as a cost center. Verifi will be joined by a key client to share how the new era of dispute management solutions can help all payment stakeholders balance the dispute scales, reducing financial loss, payment risk and operational costs. Key takeaways: Post-purchase strategies to protect merchants from the downstream effects of chargebacks, Market developments to balance risk across the ecosystem, including Compelling Evidence 3.0, and Merchant experience with dispute management, including tangible tactics to put in place to manage chargeback risk


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Verifi Inc

Verifi Inc

Next-generation post-purchase solutions for dispute and fraud prevention