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Healthcare > Alternative Health webinar by The Health Hub for The Elephant in the Room: Legal Practice of Homeopathy
The Elephant in the Room: Legal Practice of Homeopathy
The HUB, in partnership with the Pacific NorthWest Homeopathy Association (,  invites you to a timely and strategy-filled webinar to help you learn about practicing homeopathy legally and confidently, wherever you are.Homeopathic practice outside of a health freedom jurisdiction is a gray area: the gray elephant in the room of our emerging profession! It can discourage or confuse us about how to share our rare and valuable homeopathic skills without putting ourselves or others at risk. The Pacific NorthWest Homeopathy Association represents homeopaths in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. As a health freedom state, Idaho homeopaths have clear legality within the scope of the legislation. In Washington, where there is a history of investigating and charging unlicensed homeopaths, there are strong legal precedents in play. In Oregon, there has been a calm live-and-let-live vibe for unlicensed homeopaths. These three states in the Pacific Northwest represent models of legalities and circumstance that are similar to other states and provinces throughout North America. The practitioners in this region have valuable experience to share with all of you.Fortunately, there are excellent pathways open to homeopaths. One size does not fit all. Like the fable of the blind men who explored the elephant, each one has a different experience based on what they encounter. Join Karen Allen, CCH, Patricia Kay, CCH, Joleen Kelleher, CCH, and members of, along with our panel of experienced homeopaths, as each one shares their pathway into legal and confident practice.In this 1.5 hour  ACHENA CEU accredited presentation, you will learn pro and con perspectives about homeopathic practices in the Pacific Northwest that are hidden, virtual, licensed, included within wellness coaching, safe within First Nations tribal rights, or protected as spiritual direction or within a private membership association. The panel presentation will be followed by Q&A for the participants. We will encourage those who are interested in a particular path to form a working team to help each other implement what they have learned.Conveniently online for your participation, this community service course is open to everyone. Feel free to share this course information with colleagues who may be interested. The Pacific NorthWest Homeopathy Association welcomes a donation to support their work from those who benefit from this training. We look forward to seeing you there.
6/8/2024 4:30 PM
Healthcare > Alternative Health webinar by AANMC for Spring Clean Your Life: Detox 101
Spring Clean Your Life: Detox 101
Toxins work behind the scenes slowly deteriorating our health on a daily basis. Learn safe and effective ways to reduce your exposure and make detoxification a healthy part of your lifestyle.
4/24/2024 7:00 PM
Healthcare > Alternative Health webinar by Primary Care Women's Health Forum for The Art of HRT and Prescribing
The Art of HRT and Prescribing
A practical approach to prescribing HRT, with advice on challenging cases and an opportunity to have your questions answered by our expert speakers. The discussion will be driven by questions from the audience but may include issues such as adjusting doses, combining HRT with contraception and the management of genitourinary syndrome of menopause.
3/26/2024 7:00 PM