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Education > K-12 webinar by Reading Horizons for [Ctrl+Alt+Certified] 5 Shortcuts to Support Alt-Cert Educators
[Ctrl+Alt+Certified] 5 Shortcuts to Support Alt-Cert Educators
Many alt-cert teachers [Enter] the job with optimism but quickly feel underprepared and overwhelmed. In an ever-evolving education landscape, how can we help new teachers [Esc] imposter syndrome and [Insert] confidence and effectiveness in the classroom? Let's [Ctrl+F] some best practices to guide them in harnessing their full potential.Jenny Kier, an alt-cert educator turned education consultant, will highlight five shortcuts to elevate your budding teachers:[Structured+Onboarding] [Buddy+System] [Classroom+Prep] [Turnkey+Curriculums] [Ongoing+PL]Attendees will [Shift] their view to the alt-cert lens and learn how to accelerate the growth and accomplishment of each new teacher, ensuring they don't just [Tab] through the process but truly excel!
6/26/2024 5:00 PM
Education > K-12 webinar by AC Education for Academic Transitions Webinar
Academic Transitions Webinar
Supporting successful school transitions - any age, any stage, even if you think you already know how to do this well!Relevant, up-to-date information about relationships education in Primary and relationships and sex education (RSE) in secondary.The cost of this session is £7.99 per person but if you book before 20th June, you will receive our early bird price of £5.99.We look forward to welcoming you.Speakers: Not specified
7/4/2024 9:30 AM

Previous Webinars

Education > K-12 webinar by Parents for Public Schools, Inc. for Community Schools: A Strategy for Student and Family Success
Community Schools: A Strategy for Student and Family Success
Community schools are public schools that serve as centers of the community, offering a range of services and programs beyond traditional education. These types of public schools are important because they provide a holistic approach to education by addressing not only academic needs but also social, emotional, and physical needs of students. Additionally, community schools typically provide resources such as healthcare, social services, adult education, and after-school programs to support the entire community.During the webinar we will discuss: - What community schools are and how they differ from traditional schools - How community schools benefit students and families - What services and resources are commonly offered through community schools - How community schools enhance community well-being and engagement - How to implement and support community schoolsSpeakers:Sarah Sneed, President and CEO of the NEA Foundation · NEA FoundationAlexandria Warrick Adams, Executive Director · Elev8 Baltimore
6/21/2024 6:00 PM
Education > K-12 webinar by HoneyKids Asia for How to prepare your child for success in secondary school
How to prepare your child for success in secondary school
Our next webinar will discuss how you can make your child’s transition from primary to secondary school a great one, with expert advice by the educators from Brighton College (Singapore).The move from primary to secondary school is a huge milestone for every child. It’s the start of an exciting journey where they’ll be learning new subjects, and for some, heading to a new school. But that’s not all, your child will be entering teenagehood, a phase where they start to develop their own identity and pick up more responsibilities.Having been through the same phase ourselves, we understand that this is a crucial time for our child’s development. However, if you’re a first-time parent of a soon-to-be secondary school student, you might find yourself out of depth for this upcoming transition. After all, times have changed and our children face different challenges not just academically, but socially and emotionally as well.Fret not, as we’ll be addressing just that during our next FREE webinar! Together with the Head of College and Head of Pastoral Care from Brighton College (Singapore), which recently started its senior school, we’ll be providing you with useful tips on how you can prepare your child for success in secondary school.What you’ll learn:Our panellists from Brighton will be providing in-depth information about the academic and socio-emotional changes your child will be experiencing in their move to secondary school. We’ll also be discussing how to cultivate independence and a sense of responsibility, as well as how you can support your child should they be struggling with the transition.Panellists: Nick Davies, Head of College; and Emma Townsend, Head of Pastoral Care and Year 5 teacher at Brighton College (Singapore)
6/19/2024 4:00 AM
Education > K-12 webinar by SimpleK12 for Equation Excellence: Navigating the Vertical Path from Grade Six to High School Mastery
Equation Excellence: Navigating the Vertical Path from Grade Six to High School Mastery
Are you seeking strategies to ensure continuity and coherence in equation instruction across grade levels? Vertical alignment establishes a smooth progression of equation-solving skills by systematically building upon foundational concepts taught in earlier grades. Join Sofia Guerrero for this hands-on, interactive workshop as we dive into vertical alignment for solving equations in grade six through high school, investigate how solving equations evolves across grade levels, and compare the development of these critical skills. Get ready to revolutionize your equation instruction and empower your students to become confident problem solvers at every stage of their mathematical journey! Sofia’s expertise as an instructional specialist will equip you with the tools you need to enhance student understanding, retention, and mastery of equations that will facilitate a seamless transition from elementary to secondary mathematics.
4/3/2024 11:00 PM
Education > K-12 webinar by Wreaths Across America for Wreaths Across America's TEACH Webinars
Wreaths Across America's TEACH Webinars
Join Wreaths Across America and the Library of Congress Veterans History Project for a free webinar series focused on collecting, preserving, and sharing veterans' stories critical to our nation's history and the teaching of the next generation about the value of freedom.
3/19/2024 8:00 PM
Education > K-12 webinar by Tinkercad for Level Up with Fusion in Secondary Education
Level Up with Fusion in Secondary Education
Join us for a new series of free "Level Up with Fusion in Secondary Education" webinars! These webinars are designed to help high school educators successfully transition their students from Tinkercad into Fusion 360. Some skills we will cover: apply knowledge of emerging trends in technology and industry to empower your learners for their future careers, determine how and when to advance from Tinkercad to Fusion 360, learn some fundamental of Fusion 360 that can be applied to the classroom. We have an exciting schedule of topics lined up for you to help your students discover the thrill of invention, learning by doing, and to pursue STEM careers with confidence. These webinars will all be interactive sessions, and educators are encouraged to join us live and make connections within our vibrant education community. There will also be time built in to ask questions. Don't innovate alone! Register now. Have questions? Please email: tinkercadlearning@autodesk.com
1/19/2024 12:00 AM