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Psychology webinar by Community Tech Network for CTN | Lunch & Learn Webinar Series: Mental Health Matters
CTN | Lunch & Learn Webinar Series: Mental Health Matters
The roles of digital navigators are multifaceted, involving not just technical instruction but also empathetic support and understanding of the diverse challenges faced by those lacking access to digital resources. Moreover, for individuals on the wrong side of the digital divide, the inability to access digital resources can perpetuate feelings of exclusion, inadequacy, and frustration, potentially impacting their mental well-being. Thus, integrating mental health awareness into digital skills education is not just a matter of technical proficiency but a vital component of fostering inclusive, supportive communities in the digital age. Join us as we discuss strategies for fostering an environment of empathy, patience, and support so that we not only impart essential digital skills but also contribute to the emotional resilience and life-long empowerment of our learners.Raffle Giveaway: Managing Digital Navigators
5/30/2024 6:00 PM
Wellness webinar by Matilda Centre for The role of social connection and loneliness in the wellbeing of people experiencing homelessness and substance use
The role of social connection and loneliness in the wellbeing of people experiencing homelessness and substance use
Presented by Dr Marlee Bower (The Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use, The University of Sydney) and Carlos Duarte (clinical psychologist, Haymarket Foundation Drug and Alcohol Service)Dr Marlee Bower is a Research Fellow at the Matilda Centre who is interested in the broader social determinants of mental health, particularly in understanding loneliness and isolation amongst marginalised individuals and how this relates to the built environment. Marlee will be presenting findings from her PhD research, completed in 2019, which examined the experience of loneliness amongst Australians with lived experience of homelessness. Prior to working at the Matilda Centre, Marlee worked in government research and strategy in prison and homelessness settings.Mr Carlos Duarte is a clinical psychologist who has been working at the Haymarket Foundation AOD Counselling Service in inner-city Sydney for almost 20 years. Carlos generally sees 95 clients in a year, the majority of whom are in recovery. Approximately half have issues with alcohol, followed by methamphetamine use. The service is free to disadvantaged people who have co-occurring AOD and mental health issues including people who are homeless, Indigenous, from culturally and linguistically diverse communities, those leaving custodial sentences, people who have experienced violence and those from gender and sexually diverse communities. The benchmarking for the service’s PREMS (‘Yes’) survey – a requirement for all AOD services – exceeds all those of the Department of Health.This webinar will provide participants with an understanding of:The prevalence of substance use and loneliness amongst people experiencing homelessnessHow loneliness impacts the wellbeing of people experiencing homelessnessRisk and protective factors for loneliness amongst people experiencing homelessnessHow AOD services can help people experiencing homelessness and co-occurring loneliness or substance use
6/4/2024 3:30 AM
Addiction webinar by for Bridging Bonds: Supporting Families and Loved Ones of Individuals Who Use Substances
Bridging Bonds: Supporting Families and Loved Ones of Individuals Who Use Substances
This workshop is designed to provide participants with critical knowledge to effectively work with families and loved ones of individuals struggling with substance use disorders (SUDs). Recognizing the pivotal role that family members and close friends play in the lives of people who use substances, this workshop aims to equip professionals with key insights and strategies needed to help family members/loved ones create a supportive and constructive environment. Participants will be given an overview of the dynamics of substance use, effective communication techniques, and specific interventions to help families navigate challenges associated with their loved one's substance use.Learning Objectives:Gain insights into the impact of substance use on individuals and their families.Explore techniques for fostering a safe space for sharing concerns and experiences among families and loved ones and individuals who use substances.Provide tools for families/loved ones to enhance resilience in persons who are using substances
6/4/2024 4:00 PM
Healthcare webinar by eMedEd Event for Pediatric Horizons Unveiled: A Journey into Cutting-Edge Care
Pediatric Horizons Unveiled: A Journey into Cutting-Edge Care
This comprehensive pediatric webinar series brings together top pediatric health care specialists to explore the latest advancements in pediatric asthma, allergies, endocrinology, and renal health. This global pediatric health webinar serves as your gateway to learning about advancements in treatments and methodologies, providing attendees with valuable clinical insights, knowledge enrichment, and professional network expansion, all aimed at advancing pediatric healthcare.
6/4/2024 4:00 PM
Alternative Health webinar by The Health Hub for The Elephant in the Room: Legal Practice of Homeopathy
The Elephant in the Room: Legal Practice of Homeopathy
The HUB, in partnership with the Pacific NorthWest Homeopathy Association (,  invites you to a timely and strategy-filled webinar to help you learn about practicing homeopathy legally and confidently, wherever you are.Homeopathic practice outside of a health freedom jurisdiction is a gray area: the gray elephant in the room of our emerging profession! It can discourage or confuse us about how to share our rare and valuable homeopathic skills without putting ourselves or others at risk. The Pacific NorthWest Homeopathy Association represents homeopaths in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. As a health freedom state, Idaho homeopaths have clear legality within the scope of the legislation. In Washington, where there is a history of investigating and charging unlicensed homeopaths, there are strong legal precedents in play. In Oregon, there has been a calm live-and-let-live vibe for unlicensed homeopaths. These three states in the Pacific Northwest represent models of legalities and circumstance that are similar to other states and provinces throughout North America. The practitioners in this region have valuable experience to share with all of you.Fortunately, there are excellent pathways open to homeopaths. One size does not fit all. Like the fable of the blind men who explored the elephant, each one has a different experience based on what they encounter. Join Karen Allen, CCH, Patricia Kay, CCH, Joleen Kelleher, CCH, and members of, along with our panel of experienced homeopaths, as each one shares their pathway into legal and confident practice.In this 1.5 hour  ACHENA CEU accredited presentation, you will learn pro and con perspectives about homeopathic practices in the Pacific Northwest that are hidden, virtual, licensed, included within wellness coaching, safe within First Nations tribal rights, or protected as spiritual direction or within a private membership association. The panel presentation will be followed by Q&A for the participants. We will encourage those who are interested in a particular path to form a working team to help each other implement what they have learned.Conveniently online for your participation, this community service course is open to everyone. Feel free to share this course information with colleagues who may be interested. The Pacific NorthWest Homeopathy Association welcomes a donation to support their work from those who benefit from this training. We look forward to seeing you there.
6/8/2024 4:30 PM
Healthcare webinar by LSS for Pass the Baton 2024
Pass the Baton 2024
Join the Latino Surgical Society for an intimate conversation amongst residents as they discuss their approaches to intern year. Pass the Baton is a program designed to share resident to resident advice for excelling as a surgery resident during your intern year.
by LSS
6/12/2024 12:00 AM
Healthcare webinar by NBPHE for CPH Webinar Wednesdays - The Role of Cultural Competence & Cultural Humility in the LGBTQ+ Population for Public Health Professionals
CPH Webinar Wednesdays - The Role of Cultural Competence & Cultural Humility in the LGBTQ+ Population for Public Health Professionals
People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and more (LGBTQ+) experience unique forms of discrimination and stigma that have significant consequences across various dimensions of health. These healthcare disparities increase the risk for several chronic illnesses and may further feelings of mistrust and disengagement from health care professionals, who often contribute to these instances of stigma. Public health professionals who are equipped with the requisite knowledge, competency, and cultural humility are better able to serve the LGBTQ+ populations, as well as update and change professional practices to improve the quality of care and service being offered. This webinar will review key ways in which developing and strengthening both cultural competence and cultural humility pertaining to LGBTQ+ people is a key aspect of evidence-based public health practice, as well as important resources that exist that can be helpful tools to help professionals engage with this population.
6/12/2024 7:00 PM
Healthcare webinar by National Eating Disorders Collaboration for National Strategy Implementation - Forum 3
National Strategy Implementation - Forum 3
You are warmly invited to the third National Eating Disorders Strategy 2023-2033 Implementation Forum. This forum is for all mental health professionals and those that support mental health professionals (e.g. managers, leaders) across role and service setting. During this forum, NEDC will support attendees to understand their role in the National Strategy, providing information, resources, and support networks to guide you in this work. You will hear from speakers representing different services and mental health professions who will speak about the activities that they have undertaken to enhance their service response to eating disorders. There will also be a live Q&A. A mental health professional is an umbrella term for those professions that can provide psychological support and evidence-based psychological treatment for people experiencing an eating disorder. These professions include psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, counsellors, mental health nurses, nurse practitioners, and psychotherapists. Together, we can all take action to build a nationally consistent, effective, equitable, and coordinated system of care that meets the needs of people experiencing or at risk of eating disorders and their families, supports, and communities.
Healthcare webinar by American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology for Advanced Bronchoscopy Coding and Billing 101: From Documentation to Revenue Optimization
Advanced Bronchoscopy Coding and Billing 101: From Documentation to Revenue Optimization
Join us for an exclusive webinar on Advanced Bronchoscopy Coding and Billing 101. Our speakers, Neeraj Desai MD MBA, Joe Cicenia MD, and Otis Rickman DO, will provide valuable insights on how to optimize revenue through proper documentation. This webinar is open to AABIP members only, so register now to secure your spot!
Healthcare webinar by The Evidence Base for Uncovering disparities in access to popular treatments: insights from linked EHR and SDOH data
Uncovering disparities in access to popular treatments: insights from linked EHR and SDOH data
Explore how linked electronic health record (EHR) and social drivers of health (SDOH) data are accelerating the identification of health disparities for Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease treatments.Through research vignettes highlighting GLP-1s, lecanemab, and TAVR/SAVR procedures, experts from Truveta will demonstrate how complete, clean, and timely regulatory-grade EHR data is shedding light on inequities in therapy access and outcomes. The findings, which rely on linked, patient-level SDOH data, highlight noteworthy variability in treatment patterns based on race, ethnicity, income, familial support, urban/rural status, and more.What you will learn:Learn how clinical expert-led AI is unlocking data hidden within unstructured EHR and SDOH data to enable novel real-world researchDelve into recent studies highlighting trends in real-world use of popular treatmentsGain ideas for leveraging linked EHR and SDOH data to identify and address healthcare disparities
6/26/2024 6:00 PM

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