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Business > Entrepreneurship7/11/2024 7:00 PM

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Join us for an insightful session where we'll dive into practical strategies to secure funding for your innovative projects. Whether you're in AI, Ed-Tech, or Fin-Tech, this webinar will provide you with the essential tools and knowledge to advance your initiatives.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Defining Innovation: Understand how innovation is perceived and valued in funding contexts. Learn to articulate your innovations effectively to align with funding opportunities.

  2. Navigating Eligibility Criteria: Gain insights into the specific eligibility requirements for innovation funding. Use a comprehensive checklist to assess your project's alignment with funding criteria. Identify key factors that funders consider when evaluating applications.

  3. Actionable Steps to Secure Funds: Discover actionable strategies to enhance your funding readiness. Learn proven methods to build strong applications and proposals. Explore funding avenues beyond traditional grants.

  4. Meet your hosts!

    Co-Founder: Brianna Blaney

    Co-Founder: Dr. Aria Hahn


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