Supply Chains Driving Profitable Growth

Business > Supply Chain8/28/2024 3:00 PM

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Operational expectations for supply chains continue to rise, where optimal efficiency, swift speed, rigorous cost control and an elevated customer experience have become table stakes. In addition to operational excellence, CEOs are looking to their supply chains to address a new challenge: driving profitable growth for the enterprise. This new challenge requires CSCOs and supply chain leaders to RETHINK how the supply chain can grow the business and better serve their customers through ecosystem partnerships and innovative mindsets. This session will help CSCOs and supply chain leaders reset their position from that of a cost and service center mentality to one of enterprise leadership. We will crystalize why this shift is essential for supply chains to make now and what changes will be required to the customer experience, the operating model, digital maturity and key partnerships in order to achieve the new expectation of success. Takeaways from this webinar: 1) Refocus on Customer Enablement - understanding how to enable customers to get their job done and to improve their overall experience to sprout new growth 2) Recommit to Advancing Digital Maturity - identify areas where SC leaders should strengthen their digital capabilities in order to perform better 3) Reimagine Innovation - share uses cases of how other leaders are taking an innovative approach to creating and driving enterprise growth 4) Reconsider partnerships - uncover the power of partnerships and how to leverage them for mutual benefit





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