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Supply Chains Driving Profitable Growth
Operational expectations for supply chains continue to rise, where optimal efficiency, swift speed, rigorous cost control and an elevated customer experience have become table stakes. In addition to operational excellence, CEOs are looking to their supply chains to address a new challenge: driving profitable growth for the enterprise. This new challenge requires CSCOs and supply chain leaders to RETHINK how the supply chain can grow the business and better serve their customers through ecosystem partnerships and innovative mindsets. This session will help CSCOs and supply chain leaders reset their position from that of a cost and service center mentality to one of enterprise leadership. We will crystalize why this shift is essential for supply chains to make now and what changes will be required to the customer experience, the operating model, digital maturity and key partnerships in order to achieve the new expectation of success. Takeaways from this webinar: 1) Refocus on Customer Enablement - understanding how to enable customers to get their job done and to improve their overall experience to sprout new growth 2) Recommit to Advancing Digital Maturity - identify areas where SC leaders should strengthen their digital capabilities in order to perform better 3) Reimagine Innovation - share uses cases of how other leaders are taking an innovative approach to creating and driving enterprise growth 4) Reconsider partnerships - uncover the power of partnerships and how to leverage them for mutual benefit
8/28/2024 3:00 PM

Previous Webinars

3 Magical Components of Transformation
Everyone is transforming. Opportunities to expand leadership at the executive level are growing, driven by the imperative to create new value. But there is an alarming gap between ambition and execution, and a sense of transformation fatigue has set in. Executive leaders need to examine ideas beyond industry boundaries and redefine value propositions that will deliver on business outcomes. What if we told you there are three essential components that executives consistently miss when trying to transform? Join this complimentary Gartner leadership webinar that delves into the three most important and overlooked ways to accelerate your transformation.Help people to care more about the transformationGet people moving in the same directionHow to make things go faster
1/12/2024 7:00 AM
Your Supply Chain Employees Will Leave; Shift to Embrace Turnover
According to a Gartner survey, 75% of supply chain leaders believe that with labor shortages, low employee engagement, and retention challenges, voluntary turnover is here to stay and will likely increase over the next five or more years. The traditional response of the blind pursuit of employee retention has not produced optimal talent results. This raises the question: What if embracing employee turnover has its benefits? Gartner’s most recent research finds that CSCOs seeking to thrive in this environment must adopt three talent shifts to translate turnover into a competitive advantage. Join our expert in this complimentary supply chain webinar as they explore these three shifts and real-world examples of organizations that bring these practices to life.
1/11/2024 8:00 AM
Generative AI Realities: Measuring and Quantifying Business Results
More than 80% of Gartner clients are investing in AI or generative AI (GenAI) in some capacity. Join this complimentary AI webinar as Gartner expert Fran Karamouzis takes you through different categories of generative AI, the cost side of the equation, the value measurements, and real-life examples of organizations that have taken action and funded initiative, so your organization can determine your best path forward.
1/11/2024 7:00 AM
IT Spend Forecast 4Q23: What to Expect in 2024 and Beyond
Generative AI (GenAI) marks the start of the next industrial revolution, but AI made little impact on near-term IT spending. For a technology that added new heights to the peak of inflated expectations, how can total cumulative spending on GenAI from now until 2027 be merely $3 trillion? GenAI blindsided organizations and boards, and CEOs are being cautious with their spending. Gartner expects 2024 to be the year of planning for GenAI, although IT spending will be driven by more traditional forces, such as profitability, labor, and a wave of change fatigue. This complimentary IT webinar breaks down the final IT spending data from 2023 and what the numbers say about what could lie ahead in 2024. Technology and service providers will get a better sense of where enterprises could focus their IT spend in the new year, factoring in technology sectors, industries and regions.
1/10/2024 8:00 AM

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