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ServiceNow is a leading technology company that specializes in providing solutions to automate and streamline work across enterprises. Their platform enables businesses to unify people, systems, and processes to exceed customer expectations and enhance employee experiences. With a focus on customer experience, technology excellence, employee experience, and operational excellence, ServiceNow helps businesses increase customer loyalty, improve productivity, drive innovation, and manage risk effectively. Their solutions span various industries, including customer experience, technology, employee experience, and operational excellence. ServiceNow's goal is to simplify the way businesses work by reducing complexity and leveraging the power of technology.



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How a financial institution moved to the cloud and adopted AIOps and observability
Organizations that migrate to the cloud can empower themselves with the right AI and observability tools, which not only help them to quickly recover from incidents but also provide them with a unified view of data. By bringing together AIOps and observability, teams can work more efficiently and collaboratively while ensuring that everyone has access to the right information at the right time. Join us for our upcoming webinar, Reclaim your time by unifying AIOps and observability, to learn how a large financial institution used ServiceNow for cloud migration, and were able to: - Recoup the cost of an AIOps + observability solution - Reduce mean time to recovery, with faster root cause analysis - Use AIOps to reduce the time spent chasing down issues According to Nancy Gohring, Research Director at IDC, the median annual spend by large enterprises for AI and observability tools is $1.4 million. Overcome high prices and other obstacles—sign up for this webinar now.
3/27/2024 4:00 PM
More AI regulations are coming—learn how this will impact your organization
It’s hard to believe that we’re celebrating the first anniversary of ChatGPT, which converged artificial intelligence (AI) and genetic technologies. But even with AI’s benefits, there’s a dark side to it if it’s not properly governed. And while more regulations will be adopted this year, organizations must take steps right now to ensure they’re prepared. Join us for our upcoming webinar, Navigating the Future of Gen AI Governance. Our speakers will cover: - The challenges and opportunities in AI governance - What your business should do before it’s too far along in its AI journey - How governance can improve AI performance and organizational profitability Don’t miss this chance to stay ahead of AI governance trends—register now. Speakers: John Castelly, chief ethics and compliance officer, ServiceNow Jim Van Over, field innovation officer, ServiceNow
1/31/2024 4:00 PM