Empower Your Curriculum with Spatial Tools

Education > K-127/31/2024 5:00 PM

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Discover new teaching resources for a wide range of subjects and grades

In this webinar, you'll learn about free resources that you can use in your classroom now, including maps, data, software, and activities. Discover how to quickly integrate spatial tools to enhance your teaching.

What You’ll Learn

  • Best practices for incorporating ready-to-use activities to enhance classroom instruction of topics you are already teaching

  • Skills for using maps to improve student learning that you can implement in the classroom tomorrow

  • Where to find maps and data supporting K–12 classroom topics

  • Strategies for teaching with National Geographic MapMaker

Speakers: Tom Baker (Esri K–12 Education Manager), Kylie Donia Esri K–12 Education Industry Specialist), and Jason Sawle (Esri K–12 Global Education Manager).





Esri is a leading provider of GIS mapping software, location intelligence, and spatial analytics solutions. Their products and services allow businesses, organizations, and individuals to visualize, analyze, and understand data spatially, enabling better decision-making. Esri offers a wide range of capabilities, including mapping, spatial analytics and data science, field operations, real-time visualization and analytics, and more. With Esri's powerful GIS software and tools, users can unlock the power of location intelligence and gain valuable insights from their data.