Currency Fluctuations Affecting Trade

Business > Supply Chain6/27/2024 3:30 PM

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This seminar will focus on the current fluctuations in the current currency markets, especially between Mexico and the United States and Latin American countries, as well as Europe and Asia. Recently, disparities in changes and fluctuations have affected both manufacturers and importers, as well as global remittances, tourism, and standard trade. While many issues are unavoidable, there are situations that can be mitigated to the beneficial satisfaction of both parties, so long as contracts are amended within reason and issued according to international standards. This seminar dives into the deeper side of contractual agreements and the understanding of how currency fluctuations can become an unrecognized variable in the course of doing business. The course will focus on both the reasons for fluctuations and how you can mitigate and provide trade options so that the original contracts and agreements remain unaffected.


Jonathan Hans Pappie, CEO, VX Global Inc.

Lady-An Cuerdo, Trade Commissioner, International Trade Council


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