How to prepare your child for success in secondary school

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Our next webinar will discuss how you can make your child’s transition from primary to secondary school a great one, with expert advice by the educators from Brighton College (Singapore).

The move from primary to secondary school is a huge milestone for every child. It’s the start of an exciting journey where they’ll be learning new subjects, and for some, heading to a new school. But that’s not all, your child will be entering teenagehood, a phase where they start to develop their own identity and pick up more responsibilities.

Having been through the same phase ourselves, we understand that this is a crucial time for our child’s development. However, if you’re a first-time parent of a soon-to-be secondary school student, you might find yourself out of depth for this upcoming transition. After all, times have changed and our children face different challenges not just academically, but socially and emotionally as well.

Fret not, as we’ll be addressing just that during our next FREE webinar! Together with the Head of College and Head of Pastoral Care from Brighton College (Singapore), which recently started its senior school, we’ll be providing you with useful tips on how you can prepare your child for success in secondary school.

What you’ll learn:

Our panellists from Brighton will be providing in-depth information about the academic and socio-emotional changes your child will be experiencing in their move to secondary school. We’ll also be discussing how to cultivate independence and a sense of responsibility, as well as how you can support your child should they be struggling with the transition.

Panellists: Nick Davies, Head of College; and Emma Townsend, Head of Pastoral Care and Year 5 teacher at Brighton College (Singapore)


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