Proven Market Entry Strategies for Accessing Small Island Developing States

Business > Legal4/25/2024 5:00 PM

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Culture trumps Strategy every time" and this is especially true in penetrating Small Island Developing States. What are the strategies for securing the necessary information? Who can you trust? What are the political and other pitfalls to avoid? How do I find reputable partners? Why aren’t my emails being returned? How do I deal with ethical concerns? Why is my product not being accepted in the market? Learn this and more from a “Road Warrior” of many years who will take you into the streets to get the answers you need


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International Centre for Trade Transparency – ICTTM

International Centre for Trade Transparency – ICTTM

The International Centre for Trade Transparency (ICTTM) is dedicated to promoting transparency and ethical trading practices in the global economy. Our mission is to provide businesses, organizations, and governments with advanced data analytics and modeling tools to assess risks, identify new clients and suppliers, and project future demand for tangible goods. With our revolutionary AI platform, ADAMftd, we aim to bring transparency to supply chains and empower businesses to make informed decisions for sustainable progress.