ESG reporting in business strategy: Driving investor and stakeholder engagement

Business > Entrepreneurship11/14/2023 4:00 PM

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The demands on corporate reporters to disclose around ESG factors has only grown in recent years, as has interest from investors and other stakeholders in more granular data around the impact an organization has on the wider world around it. State regulators in North America are pushing through more legal requirements on climate reporting, while the SEC, European Commission and other market regulators are laying out their own expectations for reporters, too. In this webinar, leading experts will advise on how to be even more rigorous with your ESG reporting and turn it into actionable corporate strategy. In this webinar, you will hear: • How ESG disclosure requirements are aligning around the world • How you can use data to speak to your ESG strengths and tell a rich corporate story • How to set up the foundation for effective disclosure, rather than keeping ESG and carbon measurement in a silo • How your reporting can shape your corporate strategy and help you identify new risks and opportunities for your company • Best practices and case studies from across the capital markets


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