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Coffee Break TSMO: TSMO Trends
This webinar will provide an overview of the NOCoE TSMO Trends Survey. New, in 2023, the TSMO TSMO survey captures the most important strategies, applications, and emerging technologies being used by transportation agencies. Structured around the new Transportation Operations Manual, the survey also illuminates potential implementation challenges. The presentation will cover three areas: workforce development, the acceleration of TSMO deployments, and mainstreaming TSMO. This is part of a new webinar series focused on covering key topics across the TSMO industry in a 'high speed, low drag' format to give you a chance to spend just 30 minutes learning something new that may be helpful for you or your agency.
12/28/2023 5:00 PM
Shared Mobility Data
This webinar will is part of the Data for Planning and Operations webinar series and will discuss shared use mobility. Shared mobility is “the shared use of a vehicle, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, or other travel mode; it provides users with short-term access to a travel mode on an as-needed basis” (SAE International, 2018). Its scope includes micromobility services such as bikesharing and electric scooter services, as well as carsharing, micro-transit, paratransit, Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), and traditional ride-hailing (taxi) services. Shared mobility services have grown rapidly within the last few years. They help solve the “last mile” problem by providing links to and from mass transit stations and can replace car trips. They also may substitute for walking and transit trips. Some shared services can address longer trips, such as the use of micro-transit, where there is insufficient demand for efficient use of fixed route transit, or car sharing services, for occasional or periodic trips where a car is desirable.
11/16/2023 6:00 PM
Data for Operations and Planning
This webinar, the first in a series of five, will present an overview of NCHRP 08-119 Data Integration, Sharing, and Management for Transportation Planning and Traffic Operations, which began in 2019 and ran through 2023. The objective of this project was to develop tools, methods, and guidance for improving data sharing, integration, and management practices to enable transportation agencies, in collaboration with private-sector and public-sector stakeholders, to make better planning and operations decisions. The webinar series will share best practices, lessons learned, challenges and opportunities, and emerging practices for data sharing, integration, and management; opportunities and information on partnering with private sector data providers; and the needs/approaches to prepare for big data. Much of the work from the project can also be found at To effectively plan and operate transportation systems, agencies need to use a wide variety of data. However, existing data silos; a lack of common data formats; hesitation or fear of sharing data; and traditional, rigid data management practices limit transportation agencies and practitioners in their ability to exchange, integrate, and use data for analysis, reporting, and decision-making. Further, as transportation agencies begin to use new data sources and to make their data more accessible, some of the issues faced include gaining confidence in the data and understanding their quality and variability, reconciling data discrepancies among different sources, validating processes for turning data into information, comparing system performance across time considering how the data have changed, and understanding the implications of big data approaches/applications. More modern approaches to data management can improve the efficiency of data-driven processes as well as support innovation across transportation agencies.
11/2/2023 5:00 PM