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Public Sector > Transportation11/16/2023 6:00 PM

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This webinar will is part of the Data for Planning and Operations webinar series and will discuss shared use mobility. Shared mobility is “the shared use of a vehicle, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, or other travel mode; it provides users with short-term access to a travel mode on an as-needed basis” (SAE International, 2018). Its scope includes micromobility services such as bikesharing and electric scooter services, as well as carsharing, micro-transit, paratransit, Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), and traditional ride-hailing (taxi) services. Shared mobility services have grown rapidly within the last few years. They help solve the “last mile” problem by providing links to and from mass transit stations and can replace car trips. They also may substitute for walking and transit trips. Some shared services can address longer trips, such as the use of micro-transit, where there is insufficient demand for efficient use of fixed route transit, or car sharing services, for occasional or periodic trips where a car is desirable.


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