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JoVE is a peer-reviewed scientific video journal that provides methods and protocols for various research fields. It covers topics such as behavior, biochemistry, bioengineering, biology, cancer research, chemistry, developmental biology, engineering, environment, genetics, immunology and infection, medicine, neuroscience, and more. JoVE offers a comprehensive collection of videos that accelerate science research and education, with over 18,000 videos available. It is used by researchers, educators, and institutions worldwide to stay updated with cutting-edge scientific techniques and concepts.



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JoVE Research Webinar with Arnaldo Mercado-Perez
Join us for a live webinar organized by JoVE on the topic: "Unlocking Gut Movement: Novel Small Bowel Analysis" with Dr. Arthur Beyder Arnaldo Mercado-Perez MD-PhD, Gastroenterologist Mayo Clinic MD-PhD Student Mayo Clinic. Maximizing your experience: The advantages of webinar participation. A detailed description of improved spatial resolution of small bowel transit. Ability to spatially resolve segmentations. Moving past transit measurement by analyzing spatial distribution of contents. An interactive Q&A session with the audience. Temporary full access to the JoVE article discussed in the webinar. Registrants will receive a recording of the webinar. A Certificate of Attendance is available to attendees upon request.
1/11/2024 2:00 PM