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Worldwide Clinical Trials is a top-performing, full-service global CRO. We provide 30+ years of clinical expertise to benefit your study.



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FDA Oncology Center of Excellence: Programs & Projects That Impact Drug Development
Since 2017, the FDA’s Oncology Center of Excellence (OCE) has created more than 300 research and educational outreach projects and programs focused on advancing the design, analysis, and regulations surrounding oncology drug development. In this webinar, Worldwide Clinical Trials’ clinical research methodology and oncology strategy experts will present the OCE’s most imperative initiatives.
12/7/2023 2:30 PM
See How it’s Done: Case Studies on Patient Experience Design
Designing clinical trials around the patient and their experience produces better trials, but what does that really mean, and how is it actually accomplished? How can you be sure you’re collecting data of interest to patient communities? Many common strategies have minimal impact or inadvertently create new challenges for patients. If the trial doesn’t work for patients in their everyday lives, then no recruitment or retention plan can guarantee your study will generate the data you need. In this webinar, you’ll hear from experts dedicated to creating accessible studies that capture the data sponsors need to move to the next stage in product development. Hear from clinical development professionals who have worked with sponsors across therapeutic areas, phases, and modalities to dig into the details of their protocols, examine their application, and ultimately design trials that work for diverse patients. They’ll be joined by a patient advocate who recently collected extensive patient and researcher community data that will be used to inform clinical development for GLUT1 deficiency syndrome. Together, they’ll dive into real-world examples from their work that you can apply to your program, showing how to de-risk your protocol and truly design your trial with the patient in mind. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: Design trials with a patient experience approach Consider data that is important to patient communities Examine a protocol for patient experience optimization Apply real-life examples to your study
12/6/2023 3:00 PM