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CIMdata is the leader in PLM education, research, and strategic management consulting. They provide expertise in transformation, helping businesses from whiteboard to warehouse and beyond. CIMdata offers industry information, trends, and actionable insights for PLM professionals through their research reports, educational programs, and consulting services.



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Maximizing Business Impact by Unleashing the Power of Proven Best Practices to Drive Business Value
You have decided to digitalize your enterprise supported by a PLM solution suite. To maximize the value of your enterprise, PLM must be properly architected and implemented to support your business processes and methods. The journey is complex and involves taking advantage of best practices at every step. When employed properly, best practices will ensure your PLM solution is built to maximize its value to your business. Join this free webinar and learn how to navigate the best practices needed to drive your digital transformation initiative and business value. CIMdata will present its experiences based on helping our clients through their PLM journeys and digital transformations using best practices.
1/11/2024 4:00 PM
The State of the PLM Economy
If there is one constant in the “PLM Economy,” i.e., the collection of software and service providers that serve industrial companies in pursuing their PLM strategies, it is that it is never dull. In this webinar, CIMdata's Market Research team will review the major events in the PLM Economy in 2023 and discuss what we might look forward to in 2023 and beyond.
12/14/2023 4:00 PM