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Premise is a company that offers actionable data and insights to help businesses and organizations make informed decisions. With a blend of technology and a global community, Premise can measure and monitor various aspects, from market performance to consumer behavior. Their advanced solutions, such as AI-powered video and voice insights, geospatial analytics, and in-store insights, enable businesses to have complete transparency and identify growth opportunities in real-time. Additionally, Premise provides data-driven solutions for international development, empowering organizations with reliable and timely insights for effective decision-making.



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Maximize Volume Sales by Assessing Fragmented Channels in the Blink of an Eye
In a retail landscape brimming with over 800,000 stores distributed across Mexico, the challenge of identifying sales opportunities can be daunting. Without advanced technologies to swiftly identify them, finding a sustainable solution is virtually impossible. Duracell Mexico has harnessed the power of data analytics and cutting-edge technology to identify sales opportunities across different geographies. Join us in an upcoming webinar to learn how Duracell Mexico worked with Premise to navigate this challenge, offering valuable insights for businesses navigating similarly expansive markets. Presented by: Marc Ajel, Solutions Consultant at Premise Willem Schrup, Customer Success Manager at Premise Daniel Sierra, General Manager at Duracell Mexico
11/9/2023 5:00 PM