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Reading Horizons offers a foundational reading program that can help all students reach proficiency by the end of third grade.



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[Ctrl+Alt+Certified] 5 Shortcuts to Support Alt-Cert Educators
Many alt-cert teachers [Enter] the job with optimism but quickly feel underprepared and overwhelmed. In an ever-evolving education landscape, how can we help new teachers [Esc] imposter syndrome and [Insert] confidence and effectiveness in the classroom? Let's [Ctrl+F] some best practices to guide them in harnessing their full potential.Jenny Kier, an alt-cert educator turned education consultant, will highlight five shortcuts to elevate your budding teachers:[Structured+Onboarding] [Buddy+System] [Classroom+Prep] [Turnkey+Curriculums] [Ongoing+PL]Attendees will [Shift] their view to the alt-cert lens and learn how to accelerate the growth and accomplishment of each new teacher, ensuring they don't just [Tab] through the process but truly excel!
6/26/2024 5:00 PM