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Why Europe Fails Scaleups and How To Fix It
Navigating the diverse European innovation landscape, Why Europe Fails Scaleups and How to Fix It is a free webinar brought to you by TNW and FT Live. During this one-hour panel discussion and Q&A, our expert speakers will discuss challenges in the European startup landscape, from policy to investment, that make it difficult to scale. We’ll also dive into the ways that successful European scaleups have skyrocketed through their market, what policy improvements governments can make, practices investors can take to support their portfolios, and collaboration techniques corporates can use to work with startups. Our expert panelists include: Christina Calje, Founder of Autheos and Angel Investor at Operator Exchange, Ines Moreno, EU Director at Allied for Startups, Michael Jackson, Partner at Multiple Capital, and Anke Huiskes, Partner at NP-Hard Ventures. Moderated by: Javier Espinoza, EU Correspondent, Financial Times.
3/19/2024 3:00 PM