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Aruwa Capital Management is a Lagos based, female founded and led, growth equity, impact investment company. As one of the few women owned investment houses on the entire African continent, the team have identified an untapped investment opportunity, investing in rapidly growing companies that either provide essential goods and services to the rapidly growing female economy or businesses that are founded or co-founded by women or have gender diverse teams.



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Raising Investment Amid VC Funding Crunch
In 2023, there was a decline in venture capital (VC) investments in African tech startups of up to 46%, according to Partech Partners, a leading VC firm which tracks startup investment on the continent. This decline is attributed to the global slowdown in venture capital activities due to a combination of reduced investor interest, inflationary pressures and geopolitical conflicts. Foreign VCs reduced their investments in African tech startups compared to 2022. Forecasts suggest that this trend may persist into 2024. In this edition of Insider Series, our speaker will talk about the funding crunch and share actionable tips for African startups that plan to fundraise during this tough time. The webinar is open to tech startups at all stages of development across Africa.
3/22/2024 2:00 PM