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ARCpoint Labs offers a wide variety of tests for individuals and businesses. We provide insights and solutions to enable individuals, businesses and communities to make informed decisions about their health, safety, and well-being. We offer services such as DNA testing, drug and alcohol testing, DOT compliance services, COVID-19 testing, and more. Our reliable team of qualified professionals is dedicated to providing important information that can guide decisions and help you meet your health and wellness needs.



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Maximizing the Value of an Employee Wellbeing Program
The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a powerful and long-lasting impact on individuals across many life arenas, including physical and mental health, family, and work. Employers today acknowledge the connection between worker health and worker morale, performance, and turnover; thus, the majority have invested in some type of a low-cost employee wellbeing program to combat these issues. While an employer’s ROI in a wellbeing program is generally good, even with very low utilization, the VOI (value of investment) of wellbeing programs is commonly not maximized due to a number of easily corrected issues. Upon completion, attendees will be able to: 1) Differentiate between a wellness program and a wellbeing program. 2) Compare and contrast “price” vs. “value” of a wellbeing program. 3) Summarize 7 practical ways to maximize the value of a wellbeing program.
11/2/2023 7:00 PM