The Role of Mentoring in Developing Talent

Business > Human Resources7/25/2024 2:00 PM

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Are you responsible for developing talent in your organisation?

The Role of Mentoring in Developing Talent Webinar.

If so, you’ll be aware of the challenges of engaging, retaining and developing future leaders – especially in today’s tough economy and continuing change.

Talent management and development is about getting the best people in the right places at the right time. It is about skilled individuals performing according to changing business needs. It is also about developing those skilled individuals in a way that realises their full potential and satisfies their ambitions.

Mentoring is one of the top strategies for helping people develop their careers and advance within an organisation. It is also critical support for people moving into new roles and taking on new challenges. Many organisations recognise this and set up mentoring programmes so benefits to the individual magnify into strategic advantages for the organisation.

HR Professionals have a valuable role to play in helping employees make the most of any mentoring programme within their organisation and to find a mentor who is best suited to their needs.

What is the role of mentoring in developing talent webinar about?

In this practical and interactive session, Antoinette will facilitate a discussion around:

- The strategic role of mentoring in developing talent

- The steps needed to make it work in practice

- The guidance and support that individuals need

Who will benefit from this webinar?

- Managers who want to unlock the potential of their employees

- Mentors who want to support mentees to develop

- HR professionals who want to introduce mentoring into their organisation

This session will be facilitated by Antoinette Oglethorpe, an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, consultant and coach. Her company specialises in career management and mentoring. Her mission is to empower individuals to realise their potential and fulfill their ambitions.

Note: The webinar is free and we expect to be oversubscribed. Places are limited, so if you are unable to attend, we would appreciate it if you could let us know.



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