Defining the right digital strategy for oncology: What do you want to measure?

Healthcare > Clinical Trials8/21/2024 3:00 PM

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In this webinar, find out how to optimise oncology clinical trials using digital tools to accelerate decision-making.

Oncology clinical trials present some of the most complex challenges across clinical research, impacting enrolment, efficiency, and access. Thankfully, our industry is afforded a unique opportunity to address these issues with the evolving regulatory landscape, the burgeoning field of digital health technologies (DHTs), and the increasing adoption of decentralised and digital trial methods.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s recent guidance on Direct-to-Patient (DTP) approaches, electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePROs), and DHTs paves the way for incorporating patient-centric digital tools into trials.

According to PwC, the use of DHTs in clinical trials has grown by 97 percent within the last five years, and Tufts recognises that the appetite for collecting digital endpoints has doubled every three years since 2015.

As DHTs begin to help researchers define the new normal, it’s important to have the right strategy to define how you collect the right data to improve efficiency and experience. 

Learn how top 10 pharmaceutical companies are using a combination of DHTs, ePROs, clinical trial platforms and more, to ease oncology research and drastically reduce timelines. 

Key learning points

- The right questions to ask your team to help define a digital strategy as part of your clinical development programme. 

- Why the expanded use of digital measures and biomarkers will continue to accelerate clinical development timelines.

- How global pharmaceutical companies are benefiting from Medable’s novel approaches and technology to accelerate decision-making in oncology.

Speaker: Musaddiq Khan – Vice President, Customer Value – Digital Outcomes & TA Strategy at Medable



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