Introduction to FDA’s Office of Trade and Global Partnerships

Business > Trade7/23/2024 5:00 PM

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The goal of this webinar is to provide an introduction to FDA’s Office of Trade and Global Partnerships (OTGP). OTGP serves as the FDA lead for addressing issues related to international trade of regulated products, mutual recognition agreements, and entering into arrangements and sharing information with global counterparts. OTGP also serves as the FDA lead for addressing cross-cutting issues in multilateral organizations, such as the World Health Organization, and coordinates issues arising in multilateral forums within FDA.

Through the webinar, the audience will learn how OTGP’s work relates to pharmaceutical products and understand the different types of international agreements and arrangements used by FDA. The audience will also learn when and how to contact OTGP.


  • Manufacturers, consultants and professionals:

    • engaged or interested in international trade of pharmaceutical products and drug supply chain issues

    • who have an interest in understanding FDA’s pharmaceutical mutual recognition agreements with foreign regulators

    • involved in the development of pharmaceutical products and combination products that might be impacted by ongoing international negotiations to reduce the use of plastics

  • Foreign regulators

  • Trade associations


  • A general overview of OTGP’s mission, roles, and activities

  • Overview of international arrangements and mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) between FDA and foreign drug regulatory authorities and the impact of MRAs on pharmaceutical inspection process

  • Why the FDA cares about international trade and OTGP’s role in addressing non-tariff barriers to trade in pharmaceutical products

  • Implications of the United Nations (UN) plastics negotiations for pharmaceutical products


Joseph Rieras (Director, Office of Trade and Global Partnerships (OTGP) | Office of Global Policy and Strategy (OGPS) | Office of the Commissioner (OC) | FDA)

Eloisa Noriega (International Policy Analyst, OTGP | OGPS | OC | FDA)

Azada Hafiz (International Policy Analyst, OTGP | OGPS | OC | FDA)

Kristan Callahan (Senior Public Health Advisor, OTGP | OGPS | OC | FDA)

Matthew Scherer (International Policy Analyst, OTGP | OGPS | OC | FDA)


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