Zero Trust in the Context of Browser Security

Technology > Cybersecurity7/16/2024 4:00 PM

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How to reduce your attack surface, prevent insider threats, and ultimately provide secure access to applications

As an increasing number of applications become accessible through the browser, threat actors have taken note, leading to an increase in evasive threats. Network-based “defense-in-depth,” network-oriented zero trust architectures, and cloud network security offerings are powerless against these novel, evasive tactics.

These applications are not only the entry point for threat actors, they are also potential exit points for sensitive company data. How can organizations stop data leakage without disrupting productivity?

Menlo Security helps organizations along their zero trust journey with simplicity and ease compared to the complexity of traditional technology.

What you'll learn:

  • What threats are we seeing - both from threat actors and internal - that are targeting our applications

  • How to properly implement zero trust to web traffic and interactions

  • How Zero Trust in the context of browser security impacts use cases such as VPN replacement, VDI reduction, third-party access and more

  • How Menlo Security aligns to the Zero Trust framework based on Coalfire’s recent assessment of the Menlo Secure Enterprise Browser Solution

Meet the Speakers:

Negin Aminian - Senior Manager of Cybersecurity Strategy

Victor Monga - Cybersecurity Technologist & Architect

Zach Pugh - Principal Product Manager


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Menlo Security

Menlo Security

Menlo Security is a cloud-based browser security solution that prevents phishing and malware attacks on any browser and any device across your hybrid enterprise. Their innovative approach makes online threats irrelevant to users and businesses, providing the simplest and most definitive way to secure work. With features like HEAT Shield, an AI-based phishing and ransomware protection solution, Menlo Security is at the forefront of browser security technology.