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Menlo Security is a cloud-based browser security solution that prevents phishing and malware attacks on any browser and any device across your hybrid enterprise. Their innovative approach makes online threats irrelevant to users and businesses, providing the simplest and most definitive way to secure work. With features like HEAT Shield, an AI-based phishing and ransomware protection solution, Menlo Security is at the forefront of browser security technology.



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Spotlight: Three priorities to drive security, connectivity, and productivity in 2024
As we start 2024, security pros will be bracing themselves for another year of the same pressures, complexities, and risks. In this thirty-minute discussion plus Q&A, Menlo specialists will share their experience of how businesses are choosing to make it permanently safe to click – focusing on securing all supported browsers across their hybrid enterprises. Join us on Tuesday 16 January at 10am GMT, for our first Spotlight session of 2024, exploring: Your organisation uses multiple browsers and that is not going to change. How are organisations managing browser security across managed and unmanaged devices? Learn how to configure your policies to manage and secure cloud browsers, and the value of enhanced browser forensics. Let us share the latest zero-hour phishing and browser exploits seen at Menlo Labs and in the field. How will your users benefit from greater protection through enhanced browser security from these latest threats, while your security teams can reduce workload and prioritise resources? Your users and third-parties need access to SaaS applications and data, including using GenAI. What practical steps can organisations take to enhance user protection and productivity while reducing the complexity and cost of solutions such as VDI? As always, we promise practical examples, lively conversation, no boring slides, and plenty of time for questions. To reserve your space, please click here.
1/16/2024 10:00 AM