The role of cities in promoting more just and effective drug policies

Public Sector > Government7/15/2024 8:00 AM

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We are delighted to invite you to a thought-provoking webinar on the important role of cities in pushing for more just and effective Drug Policies. The webinar is hosted by Correlation-European Harm Reduction Network, the City of Amsterdam, the International Drug Policy Consortium, and Transform Drug Policy Foundation.

About the Webinar

Cities are increasingly recognised as crucial drivers of innovation in drug policy. As interest in a new approach to deliver more just and effective drug policies grows, cities face significant challenges in finding room to design new drug policies and in their implementation, due to political resistance, public opposition, and the rise of populist 'zero tolerance' and ‘tough on drugs’ politics across Europe.

This webinar will address the important role of cities in forming progressive drug policies and discuss how cities can collaborate and push for positive change in cooperation with international partners and institutions.

Key Topics to be Covered

The Role of Cities in Shaping Progressive Drug Policies Strategies for Collaboration with Cities and International Partners

Format of the Webinar

The webinar will include a brief introduction, followed by a Panel Discussion with City and civil society representatives.

Welcome and Introduction: Ann Fordham (Chair)

Setting the Scene: Katrin Schiffer (C-EHRN), Overview of the City Initiative and the Role of Cities in Progressive Drug Policies

Panel Discussion: 45min

Moderation: Ann Fordham

Panelists: Pieter Walinga (City of Amsterdam), Florian Meyer (City Of Zürich), Susanna Ronconi (Forum Droghe).

Wrap-Up and Outlook: 5 min Concluding remarks and future perspectives


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Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network

Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network

Correlation – European Harm Reduction Network is a European civil society network and centre of expertise in the field of drug use, harm reduction and social inclusion. C-EHRN is hosted and coordinated by Foundation De Regenboog Groep (FRG) – a low-threshold service provider based in Amsterdam.