The College Cost Transparency Initiative: Ensuring Clarity Around Student Financial Aid Offers

Education > Higher Education7/23/2024 5:00 PM

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In this session, we'll explore the impact of the College Cost Transparency Initiative and how institutions, like Pima Community College, are leveraging Ellucian solutions to achieve transparency and empower student success.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • The importance of transparency in college costs and its impact on student decision-making.

  • The key features and benefits of Ellucian's solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of higher education institutions.

  • Practical strategies for implementing college cost transparency initiatives in your institution.

  • Real-world success stories showcasing how Pima Community College has transformed their student's access to funding resources.

Register now and take the first step toward achieving college cost transparency at your institution.

If you cannot make this date/time, all registrants will receive access to the webinar on-demand afterwards.

Featured speakers:

Karla González, Asst. Dir., Scholarships & Outreach, Pima Community College

David Donderewicz, Exec. Dir., Fin. Aid & Scholarships, Pima Community College

Julio Durazo, Asst. Dir., Campus Ops., Pima Community College

Janell Lindsey, Solutions Consultant, Ellucian





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