Evictions in a Post-COVID World

Personal & Lifestyle > Realty and Home Buying6/26/2024 8:00 PM

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In this webinar, we are going to talk about how evictions have radically changed in the wake of the COVID pandemic. What used to take a few weeks in earlier years can now take months in some Atlanta counties. We will discuss:

  • How evictions differ from county to county

  • Which counties are the worst for evictions (and why you should buy investment properties in other counties)

  • How the sheriff plays into the timeline

  • New legislation that attempts to resolve the problem (but may create other problems)

  • How we keep evictions extremely rare

  • How you can protect yourself from non-paying tenants

Speakers: Tood Ortscheid (President, CEO, and Owner) and Zach Chapman (Business Development Manager)


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