Informed Risk Assessment: Leveraging Preclinical Safety Intelligence to anticipate Clinical Adverse Events

Healthcare > Pharmaceutical6/26/2024 2:00 PM

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One of the biggest challenges the pharma industry continues to face today is the failure of drug candidates due to unexpected adverse reactions. Late-stage clinical attrition for safety reasons represents a high risk in terms of patient safety and cost. Early anticipation of safety issues enables informed decisions.

In this session we will present how OFF-X's analytic tools and curated data from a broad range of sources can help de-risk drug development.


  • Challenges the pharma industry continues to face today 

  • How the safety intelligence tool OFF-X can help de-risk drug development

    • Drug - Semagacestat

    • Target – BTK inhibitors

    • Target- 4-1BB activators

  • Summary

  • Q&A

Speaker: Kinsi Oberoi, Senior Solution Consultant​


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