Gender, biodiversity and how Indigenous and local community women safeguard nature

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Indigenous women’s knowledge, which includes intricate understanding of various species, considering their nutritional value, medicinal properties, and ecological roles is passed down through generations and not only enriches their communities but has been crucial for western science. Indigenous women's insights have often informed Western understandings, leading to the development of pioneering medicine as well as a deeper analyses of climate phenomena such as droughts, floods, and biodiversity migration.

However, despite their invaluable contributions, Indigenous women's roles continue to be marginalized, often relegated to the status of beneficiaries rather than recognized as partners and agents of change. They face intersecting challenges due to their gender and Indigenous identity, enduring various forms of discrimination.

As we look forward to COP16 and discussions surrounding the Global Biodiversity Framework, it becomes increasingly pertinent to amplify the voices of Indigenous women who uphold ancestral wisdom and play a vital role in preserving the world's biodiversity. Integrating their perspectives into global dialogues on benefit-sharing and biodiversity conservation is crucial for achieving more effective and inclusive outcomes.


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