At the crossroads of obstructive sleep apnoea and dentofacial orthopaedics: exploring research avenues and clinical interventions in childhood

Healthcare6/11/2024 3:00 PM

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Sleep-disordered breathing and Dento-Facial Orthopaedics, such as Rapid Maxillary Expansion treatment for pediatric OSAS (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea), necessitate histological examinations and clinical investigations, leading to the development of orthopedic therapies and others. This webinar, on the one hand, delves into the intricate relationships between orthodontic interventions and respiratory functions, which are intricately linked with facial development in childhood. The second talk will present an overview of the efficacy of dentofacial and orthodontic treatment on OSAS with a special focus on the morbidity associated with OSAS. Both presentations will also highlight future clinical and research priorities.

Chairs: Prof. Dr Karen Spruyt (Paris, France), Prof. Dr Stijn Verhulst (Antwerpen, Belgium)

Speakers: Prof. Paola Pirelli (Rome, Italy), Prof. Maria Pia Villa (Rome, Italy)


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