IFIC Scotland Webinar: Optimising Polypharmacy and Adherence

Healthcare > Pharmaceutical6/19/2024 3:00 PM

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Join the IFIC Scotland webinar to learn about optimizing polypharmacy and adherence. This webinar will cover the importance of managing multiple medications and strategies for improving medication adherence. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge on this important topic.


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International Foundation for Integrated Care

International Foundation for Integrated Care

The International Foundation for Integrated Care is a global leader in promoting and advancing integrated care. They provide research, knowledge, solutions, and training to support the effective implementation and evaluation of integrated care practices. Their annual survey, Nine Pillars of Integrated Care framework, Knowledge Tree, publications, webinars, and podcast are valuable resources for individuals and organizations interested in integrated care. The foundation also organizes conferences and events, such as the North America Conference on Integrated Care, and has regional hubs in Scotland, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and Latin America. Additionally, they offer educational courses through the Integrated Care Academy and publish the International Journal of Integrated Care as a platform for scientific research and knowledge-sharing in the field. Contact them for more information.