Break Free from Innovation Paralysis with Technology-Agnostic Solutions

Business > Information Technology (IT)5/30/2024 4:30 AM

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Is your team adjusting to the technology, or is the technology adjusting to your organization's needs?

It's time to reimagine your organization's engineering culture and seize growth opportunities to meet customers' growing expectations. We invite you to our webinar to explore:

  1. How organizations overcome the limitations of their proprietary tech stacks with a technology-agnostic approach.

  2. A strategic roadmap to implement this approach amid issues like legacy dead-ends, talent gaps, and architectural complexity.

  3. How our AI-driven autonomous platform suite, Capten Stack, exemplifies technology agnosticism and streamlines the SDLC while bringing all stakeholders together to ship faster and securely.

Webinar speakers:

Chandrakanth Paladugu, Founder & CTO

Shreya Trivedi, Host


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Next-Gen AI based solution to democratize cloud native, software supply chain security, quality engineering, Kubernetes and security using Kernel technology like eBPF and Machine Learning. Empower Engineers to easily adopt concepts like cloud-native, webassembly, chaos engineering, detection engineering, security chaos engineering, gitops, self service, platform engineering, etc. Imagination is your limit!