Data Cookbook Demonstration and Data Intelligence Features Overview (0624)

Business > Information Technology (IT)6/13/2024 6:00 PM

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Implement data governance (also known as Data Intelligence) at your organization with the Data Cookbook by IData, a leader in data governance / data intelligence. Join us for a live demonstration of roughly 75-90 minutes on the Data Cookbook.

We start with an overview of the issues with data governance / data intelligence and then the benefits of the Data Cookbook and the features it provides to help address these issues.

Learn how the Data Cookbook helps:

  • document your business definitions of data as well as the technical details

  • provide a collaborative framework for gathering important requirements for your reports

  • enable all users to see and understand the meaning of the data that is used by your organization

  • track and govern the lineage and quality of your data across the organization

  • integrate with data systems to automatically monitor for quality issues and unplanned changes in your data structures and codes


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IData Inc.

IData Inc.

IData Inc. is committed helping organizations manage their ever growing amount of data, making it more trusted and useful, with IData's technology and services. IData has 3 main practices: Data Governance / Data Intelligence, System Integration Connectors and Technical Consulting.