Disrupting Dominant Narratives About API Educators and Students in Science Education

Education5/22/2024 10:30 PM

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A panel of API science education scholar-educators share their experiences and perspectives, within the context of increasing awareness of API racism and hate, thereby disrupting dominant narratives about API communities and advancing diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice in science education.

Join the API RIG as they provide a space for API scholar-educators and allies to share their experiences and perspectives in ways that disrupt deficit-based, dominant narratives of the API community with a focus on science education, and encourage collaborations and networking among API scholars and allies in the work of advancing equity, diversity, justice, and inclusion for the API science education community through scholar-activism and research. 

A panel of educators and researchers will share their experiences, perspectives, and scholar-activist work, followed by a Q & A session. Time will also be allocated for breakout sessions for API scholars to network and connect over common interests.





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