The Forgotten Middle: How to Grow Mid-level Leaders in an Overstretched World

Business > Management and Leadership5/22/2024 4:00 PM

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Mid-level leaders are the backbone of any organization with constant demands for their time from within the operation and from senior leaders who need them to be future-focused. Many mid-level leaders can barely keep up with their day-to-day responsibilities, yet businesses need them to develop into the leaders of tomorrow. How can you grow talent when all their energy is focused on overcoming business challenges?

In this webinar, Greg Leskew, SVP of Leadership Development will share approaches that develop mid-level talent and increase their readiness to lead their organizations into the future.

We will cover:

• What is it like to be a mid-level leader in today’s business environment?

• Which critical competencies should be developed and how have these evolved over the years?

• Hear from Kellie Stevens Perry, Learning & Development Manager at Emera Inc about how they structure their learning programs for mid-level leaders to create an engaging learning experience


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