Webinar: Are Microsoft Sentinel Benefits Worth the Cost? by Global Marketing

Business > Software6/6/2024 4:00 AM

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As part of the Microsoft E5 Security bundle, customers are entitled to a “Sentinel Benefit.” But is the benefit really there for you and your security needs, or is the benefit all Microsoft’s?

Join us for "Are Microsoft Sentinel Benefits Worth the Cost?" We’ll unpack what goes into Sentinel and the E5 Security bundle and look at the considerations you should make about your cybersecurity needs to determine if putting all your eggs in one Microsoft basket is the right choice for you.

During our short program you can expect to:

  • Understand Microsoft Sentinel in the context of XDR and consider whether it’s the best choice for your XDR journey

  • Learn how the Trellix approach to native and open XDR in one platform reduces your risk and cost

  • Discover how Trellix GenAI advances solve security problems such as analyst time constraints, alerts not being investigated, manual processes for security content creation, and more





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