On the Frontlines of Aging Services in Metro Areas

Healthcare4/17/2024 6:00 PM

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As our cities see a surge in older adults, including those with diverse backgrounds, traditional models of care are strained. This webinar dives into the challenges and explores how data, technology, and collaboration can build a more sustainable future for aging services.


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Blooming Health

Blooming Health

Blooming Health is a comprehensive communication solution for organizations serving the aging in place. We help organizations engage with older adults, better, by reaching members where they are and spending more time on actual care delivery. Our solution allows for smart referrals and addresses the specific needs of aging individuals. With our platform, organizations have seen a significant increase in service utilization and have been able to recoup hours for their staff. We provide features such as automated event reminders, mass outreach, referral management, surveys and check-ins, individual and group messaging, and data-driven insights. Our solution is available in 70+ languages and has received high customer satisfaction ratings. We have worked closely with over 15 organizations to demonstrate measurable impact and drive outcomes. Join us to improve the quality and personalization of your communications for older adults.