Women in Business: Leadership and Empowerment Conference Female in Innovation

Business > Management and Leadership5/15/2024 5:00 PM

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"Women in Business Conference Summit" is an empowering virtual conference where female leaders from various industries come together to expand discussions and share challenges about innovation, technological leadership, and career positioning in the market. Although gender equity in the corporate world is a growing and persistent issue on organizations’ diversity agenda, the representation of women is not keeping pace, according to the Women in the Workplace 2023 report, staying much more in the dialogue than in the actions themselves. In the face of these and other challenges that surround the market, our speakers, ready to share know-how and experiences, will present valuable insights into how we can make an impact, as organizations and individuals, and shape the future together. This is a unique opportunity to build valuable relationships, connect with like-minded people, gain new perspectives, and broaden strategic and innovative visions for business success. About Women in Business Conference is part of the Impact tecH summit De&I project - a support network created to inspire, empower, and encourage Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the market, especially within the ecosystem of technological innovation. Idealized by Kelly Couto - woman, black, Latin American living in the USA, the initiative was born from someone who knows the barriers and prejudices and who wants to catalyze the necessary changes to help others achieve a prominent position in the market. Engaging with pressing issues such as gender equality, inclusion, racial justice, female empowerment and more, the Impact tecH summit De&I are an active participant in discussions that align with the UN 2030 Agenda.


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International Centre for Trade Transparency – ICTTM

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